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Reducing Your Risk of Dementia

Of all the ailments that old age can bring, dementia is, arguably, one of the most difficult…. Read More

Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors (2015)

Father's Day is this coming weekend - are you having trouble picking out a gift? When it…. Read More

How Summer Weather & Outdoor Activities Benefit Seniors – Slideshow

All throughout the year, hundreds of seniors from all across the country struggle with staying active and…. Read More


Allegheny Valley Resident Goes From Knee Replacement to Retirement Apartment – And Has Never Been Happier

JoAnn Paulenda had been familiar with Concordia at Cabot for most of her life. Between being a…. Read More

Breathing Easy: How to Help Seniors Survive Allergy Season – Infographic

The sun is shining, birds are chirping and the signs of spring are all around us. However,…. Read More

Concordia Gears Up For Summer Events

With a history that spans over 130 years, Concordia has developed a pretty strong reputation for delivering…. Read More

Maintaining Your Youth Even As You Age

Age, they say, is little more than a number. While this might not be technically true, staying…. Read More

Pastor Nuerge

Call to Care: Avoiding “Pink Thinking” (part 2)

Today's post is from Concordia Chaplain Rev. Roger Nuerge and is part 16 of the "Call to…. Read More

Keeping Your Mobility as You Age

When it comes to mobility as you age, the cliché “if you don’t use it you are…. Read More

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