What is our “investment” in Easter?

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Today’s article was written by Concordia Chief Development Officer Scott Koskoski. The Foundation Office is responsible for all fundraising efforts, which includes annual giving, planned giving, corporate giving, fundraising events and more. Enjoy!

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” – John 3:16

He has risen! Easter is a special time of year when we celebrate the Lord’s resurrection and embrace new beginnings in the rebirth of spring. Just as the return of spring renews the earth and lifts our spirits, the Resurrection of Jesus brings us hope and new life.

I’m writing this article the day before it is published on the Concordia blog, and as I write, all anyone is talking about is the possibility of a snowstorm, so it doesn’t feel “natural” to be talking about Easter as we brace for snow.

But in a way, the snow serves as great context for this article. Think about the snow, and all that comes with it – wind, cold and ice. Think about the hard, frozen ground. Think about the slush and the puddles.

In order to experience the lush greens and bright colors of spring and summer – when our tulips sprout and our lawns are manicured and our gardens grow – the cold, dead, snowy winters are necessary. There is no growth without dormancy first. The winter is the Earth’s “investment” and the spring and summer serves as the “return” on investment.

Spiritually, what is our “investment” in Easter? What are we willing to invest by our religious faith, knowing that Christ paid the ultimate sacrifice on our behalf and bought us eternal life through his resurrection? How will we use Lent to reflect, prepare, and be present in the Word so that we may most appreciate the bounty and promise of the Lord’s return?

Concordia Lutheran Ministries gives glory to God and rejoices in the power of new life and His unending love, which inspires our faith in caring. During this time of renewal, we ask that you renew your commitment to Concordia with an Easter gift of your choosing. Whether you choose to support the Good Samaritan Endowment Fund, the Angel Tear Ministries Fund, a Staff Appreciation Fund or any of Concordia’s other vital initiatives – you give strength to the promising future of Concordia.

And further, each donor who makes an Easter gift will receive a special Concordia keepsake as a show of our thanks.

With supporters like you, we can continue to look to the future and further our mission in order to serve future generations faithfully. We thank you in advance for your joyful and renewed spirit of giving and your continued partnership with Concordia Lutheran Ministries.

He Has Risen, Indeed!

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