The Horst & Eleanor Schwalm “Faith in Caring” Volunteer Award

Since its founding in 1881, volunteers have been the bedrocks of the growth and advancement of the Concordia Lutheran Ministries mission, and we give glory to God for the ways in which our volunteers give of their time and talent to continue to bless our ministry!

Nominations for the 2023 “Faith in Caring” Award are now open. Please submit your nomination(s) with the submission form below by March 6, 2024.

The Horst & Eleanor Schwalm “Faith In Caring” Award was created in 2017 and is presented annually to the volunteer(s) who devote their time and talent in inspiring ways and commit faithfully to Concordia’s mission of faithful charity to others. This award recognizes an outstanding volunteer (or group of volunteers) whose unselfish and dedicated service has made a significant difference in the lives of our patients, residents, families or employees. A committee organized by Concordia selects up to two winners (or groups) annually that have previously not received the same award.

$5,000 – We will honor up to two (2) volunteers or groups with a $5,000 award ($2,500 to benefit the volunteer’s program and $2,500 designated to the General Activities fund).

Horst & Eleanor Schwalm “Faith in Caring” Volunteer Award