Concordia Visiting Nurses FAQs

Concordia Visiting Nurses FAQs

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Concordia Visiting Nurses. Please don't hesitate to call us at 724-352-6200 if you don't see your question listed here.

Q. What is professional home health care?
A. Professional home health care is health care services that are deemed to be medically reasonable and necessary by your physician, provided in your home. The services are administered by a registered nurses and/or other health care professionals like physical, occupational and speech/language therapists. If needed, services may also include visits from a medical social worker or home health aide while you are receiving professional skilled care.
Q. Is home health care right for me?
A. Home health care can be a wonderful service for those who do not need continuous nursing care and wish to remain in their own home. Being at home often provides a greater sense of privacy and confidence, and allows for more control of personal choices like meals, schedules and other activities of daily living. For many, home health care workers can help you maintain your level of wellness for a longer period of time. Home health care services can also help alleviate caregiving responsibilities from family members, which can help them find more time for family, activities and career opportunities.
Q. Who qualifies for home health care services?
A. Your physician must determine the need for ongoing professional home health care for a period of time, and must provide orders for this care. In addition, you must require care from a registered nurse and/or physical therapist as part of the care ordered by your physician. Most insurance plans state that you must be homebound if receiving home health care. Typically, most people recovering from an injury or change in medical condition are eligible for professional home health services. Also, those who are unable to leave home without assistance or a considerable amount of effort, and have recently been diagnosed with a new illness or hospitalization, are generally entitled to home health care services.
Q. What does it mean to be homebound?
A. To be homebound means that leaving home requires considerable effort due to your medical condition. For some people, it means being unable to leave the home without assistance from another person or some type of device such as a cane, walker or wheelchair. Infrequent trips out for medical appointments, religious services or treatments that can't be done at home are permitted.
Q. How are home health care services paid for?
A. Professional home health care is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance plans for patients who meet eligibility criteria under their plan. Patients can arrange to pay out of pocket for services as well if they have no coverage.
Q. How often will home health care visits occur and how long will the services last?
A. The amount, type and frequency of home health care to be received is determined by input from your doctor and the assessment done by Concordia Visiting Nurses at the first home visit. Length of service is based on your requirements, your response to the treatment being provided and feedback from our home care team to your doctor about your progress.