Concordia Home Health and Hospice of Bethlen

At the center of Concordia Home Health and Hospice of Bethlen is faith-based compassion. Our patients are treated as family, in the comfort of their own homes.


Home Health

Home Health Care is designed to help you recover from an illness or surgery at home, providing the support you need to manage a chronic or progressive illness, take your medicine, care for a wound, walk or climb stairs, re-learn how to bathe or dress on your own again, or achieve other health milestones so that you can live independently at home and avoid going back to the hospital. When a physician, nurse, hospital discharge planner or case manager suggests professional, skilled services at home to assist with you or a loved one with health care needs, choose Concordia Home Health of Bethlen for the most compassionate care right at home. A Home Health nurse is available by phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Services Offered

Skilled Nursing Care

In accordance with physician's orders our Registered and Licensed Practical...

Social Workers

Social workers assist the patient with personal and financial situations;...

Physical Therapy

Helping patients gain strength and coordination by administering and monitoring...

Occupational Therapy

Re-teaching patients the use of their hands and other fine...

Speech Therapy

Speech Pathologists provide treatment for speech, hearing, and language communication;...

Palliative Care

Palliative Care is supportive care for people with advanced illnesses....

Disease Management and Specialty Services

Concordia Visiting Nurses' Disease Management Program is a special clinical...

Family Education

Are you concerned about the safety of your aging loved...

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Volunteer Program

Do you have the desire and passion to impact someone’s life? Whether you’re doing something as simple as cooking a meal or as complex as writing someone’s life story, Concordia Home Health and Hospice of Bethlen volunteers make a difference. Contact our volunteer coordinator at 724-238-2613 to learn more.

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For more information about the services that Concordia Home Health of Bethlen offers, please call our office at 724-238-2613. You can also message us here.

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Our Technology

At Concordia Home Health of Bethlen, providing high-quality patient care is still the number one priority for all of our caregivers and it is important that our clinicians have access to the patient and diagnosis-specific information that makes optimal care possible. That’s why all of our clinicians use a tablet at the point of patient care to document all services to our clients and to satisfy government regulators.

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Open Positions

135 Kalassay Drive, Ligonier, PA 15658
Phone: 724-238-2613
Fax: 724-238-2614

Locations We Serve

When you or a loved one needs a helping hand at home, there are many things to consider when choosing a provider. At Concordia Home Health and Hospice of Bethlen, we have the resources and expertise to make that choice easier and your experience even better. Our goal is to simplify your life, and we continue to expand our service area. If you do not see your region highlighted in our coverage map, please call us at 724-238-2613 to see if we are in your neighborhood.

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