Why Fishing is a Great Activity for Kids

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Have you marked your calendars and registered yet for the 2016 Concordia Fishing Derby for kids 14 and under? If not, what are you waiting for?! This year’s event will be Saturday, May 7 from 8 a.m. – 2 p.m. at Saxony Farm Estate. Hot dogs and refreshments will be available, and prizes will be awarded. A limited number of fishing poles will be on hand to lend, but if participants have one, please bring it. Bring lawn chairs as well, if possible. Concordia will provide bait.

And did we mention, everything is free?

Since the event will be here before we know it, we thought we would give you a quick list of reasons fishing is a great activity for kids. Come to think of it… adults may need reminded of these things as well!

Patience and Responsibility:
Every parent knows that two life lessons that kids can’t learn soon enough are patience and responsibility. Since fishing isn’t an instant gratification sport/hobby, it forces us to calmly wait for our prize – if it even comes. Sometimes the biggest lessons come from not getting what we want that day. Fishing also reminds us about the value of life and how to follow instructions.

Appreciation of Nature and Importance of Unplugging:
There seem to be fewer and fewer opportunities for kids to be in an environment with no flashing images or digital sounds. Fishing not only provides that needed respite from technology, it does so in a setting that is often beautiful. Between the reflecting water, the fresh air and the sounds of nature, fishing definitely has restorative possibilities.

Problem Solving:
While learning at school is extremely important, there are some lessons in life that are learned when faced with a specific situation – usually outside the classroom. When a line is caught on something, you need to decide how to untangle it. When a fish is on the line, you have to figure out, quickly, how to reel it in. It also teaches us the importance of sometimes gracefully accepting defeat.

Multi-Generational Opportunities:
When you look at how many activities a child can do with a great grandparent the options are often pretty limited. Fishing is one sport/hobby that breaks down that age barrier and can help family members at any age get to know each other a little better.

And we haven’t even gotten into the fact that Jesus called us to be fishers of men! We’ll save that for another article. 🙂

To register your kids for the fishing derby, click here. For more information or to register by phone, call Concordia public relations at 724-352-1571, ext. 8268. You can also message us through the Contact form on our website.

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