What Faith Based Caring Really Means

What Faith Based Caring Really Means

Faithful caring, healing and service: These characteristics exemplify “The Concordia Way.” Senior living in Pittsburgh, PA at Concordia means residents are treated with caring compassion as we fulfill our ministry of service with our core value of healing at the forefront, providing non-profit senior care to seniors of all denominations.

Whether receiving care in one of Concordia’s residential service options, being treated in one of our rehabilitation programs, or taking advantage of the extra time provided by our adult day services, every act is performed with an open, loving heart. The staff members work with the purpose of exemplifying God’s love by working through service to fulfill the ministry of Concordia. Faith-based caring is exactly what it sounds like: following our faith and God’s word to lead us to service of others. Selflessly giving to improve another person’s quality of life is how we view service.

Caring Through a Faith-Woven Cloth

There are several principals we uphold while providing care to our seniors and other patients. Among these principals is to glorify God, and the best way we do this is through service to others that adheres to values including high ethical standards, compassion and excellence. We feel seniors deserve our care, consideration and kindness, and by serving their needs with an open and humble heart, we also serve God. Part of this is to value our employees, understanding they have families and other responsibilities, working in harmony so they are able to honor their family obligations while honoring God with their selfless service.

Good Stewards Provide Excellence in Senior Care Services

We honor our seniors by ensuring we preserve their individuality, personalizing care and ensuring each patient/resident is provided with a treatment plan that works for their specific needs. In doing so, we pledge to remain honest, open and approachable, keeping family involved and updated. As good stewards, we honor our donors with excellent financial stewardship while remaining committed to patient and understanding care.

Concordia is unlike other senior living providers in Pittsburgh, PA, as our deep, abiding faith guides our care of area seniors. Whether we are serving individuals through retirement living, rehabilitation or personal care and day programs, we do so as servants, grateful for the enrichment our seniors provide. We work in harmony, as directed in our namesake: Concordia. We welcome your family to experience the difference faith-based care can have upon your loved ones when it comes from the dedicated staff of Concordia Lutheran Ministries.

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