Valentine’s Day Relationship Advice from Concordia Residents


From our family to yours, Happy Valentine’s Day! Thanks to our awesome activities staff, all of the Concordia locations are buzzing this week with Valentine’s Day-themed activities and events. They were also kind enough to ask a resident couple at their building one simple question: What advice do you have for younger couples for a long and healthy marriage?

The responses, as you can imagine, run the gamut from heartfelt to hilarious, and everything in between. Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article are solely of the longtime married residents – not necessarily Concordia, ha! Read more for photos, and enjoy…

Bill and Angie W., married 58 years – Concordia of the South Hills: They met on a flight while in the military overseas. Angie was a flight attendant and Bill was a navigator.
Advice for younger couples: “Don’t rush into the relationship, get to know each other well before marrying. Put family first and always support each other. Travel, meet new people and experience different cultures. This is how you can promote understanding among peoples of the world and avoid future conflicts. Everything else will fall into place as you proceed on your journey. “

Charles and Joan V., married 65 years – Concordia at Cabot: They met in school and their first date was the junior prom.
Advice for younger couples: “The trick to a long marriage is simply to love one another. Love conquers all!”

John and Ruth C., married 58 years – Concordia of Wexford: They met on a blind date, set up by John’s best friend, when he returned home from overseas.
Advice for younger couples: “Take your time.”

Tony and Elissa V., married 59 years – Concordia of Monroeville: They met at a polka dance in Slickville, PA, and they continued to follow the polka group who played that night for the next 50 years.
Advice for younger couples: “Marriage is a two-way street, give and take – and life will not always be peaches and cream. You need to have the courage to work thru your problems and not think of divorce as the first option.”

Ken and Gerry M., married 64 years – Concordia at Ridgewood Place: They met through a mutual friend.
Advice for younger couple: “If you do decide to get married, marry for money! But seriously, every day will not be like it is in the movies. You have to be able to make up.”

Joe and Val K., married 67 years – Concordia of Fox Chapel: They met at a dance that was held every other Saturday at the Veronians. Joe and Val had danced together at four of these dances before he asked her to go on a date with him.
Advice for younger couples: “The secret to a long-lasting marriage is to forget the argument. Never stay mad. End the argument and talk.”

Adam and Thelma T., married 68 years – Highpointe at Rebecca: They met at a street dance, put on by the older boys who had returned home from the war.
Advice for younger couples: “We always went to church together, and made sure the kids went to church. And never pick fights. Everyone has ups and downs, but it’s important to stick it out because marriage is a solid institution. Also, it’s important to remember family. We lived on the same block as Thelma’s sister for a long time; now here at Highpointe my brother Danny and his wife Barb are right next door. Family is everything.”

Al and Bonnie O., married 55 years – Concordia Haven Apartments: They met on a blind date that was set up by mutual friends.
Advice for younger couples: “Compromise, and remember that Momma is always right!”

Harry and Dagney F., married 59 years – Concordia of the South Hills: They met in a little restaurant in Norway.
Advice for younger couples: “You have to love each other, trust each other, and be faithful to each other.”

Cecil and Betty M., married 67 years – Concordia at Sumner: They met after Cecil saw Betty sitting in the pew in front of him at Faith Lutheran Church in Green Bay, Wisconsin. They were married in that church a year later.
Advice for younger couples: “Go to church together and pray together, make decisions together and love each other every day.”

Frank and Cathy C., 70 years – Concordia of Cranberry: They met before Frank moved in with Kathy’s family after high school and shared a room with her brother, who was his good friend.
Advice for younger couples: “Marriage is what you make of it. You can squabble, but always kiss and make up. You just have love for one another, it’s that simple. Or you can do like Frank did, and get “Babe” (his nickname for Cathy) tattooed on your arm!”

Wendell and Mary Lou R., married 71 years – Concordia at the Orchard: They met in the 5th grade at the two-room Connoquenessing Grade School.
Advice for younger couples: “Just say yes to her.”

John and Sharon G., married 6 years – Concordia at Cabot: They knew each other for years but hadn’t seen each other for some time. She sent him a note, he sent her flowers and the rest is history.
Advice for younger couples: “God has a plan, just wait for it. You have to be willing to work at your relationship. It also helps if you find someone with similar beliefs.”

Spiro and Marge T., married 53 years – Harmony Physical Rehabilitation: They met on a blind date, bowling with four or five other couples.
Advice for younger couples: “Marry a Greek! Seriously, you have to love one another. Have faith in God. Be patient.”

If you have some good relationship advice, leave it in the comments section below or over on our Facebook Page!

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