The Stories Behind the Retirement Living Commercial (part 1)

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As many people who live near one of Concordia’s western PA retirement communities know, we made a commercial recently that is playing on local broadcast channels right now! For the commercial, we interviewed a few residents from each of our retirement communities in the region on camera – with no script or prodding. Their comments on how much they love Concordia were humbling to say the least.

There was so much great material, actually, that we couldn’t even fit 10 percent of it into the 30-second video! So we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to some of the residents who we interviewed – even if they didn’t make it into this commercial. Today, enjoy getting to know Alex and Deb Howson, two of the founding residents at Highpointe at Rebecca, our Allison Park retirement community that opened in September 2017.

The Howsons believe they moved to Highpointe at just the right time. Both in their mid-70s, they felt they were young enough to make their own decisions and didn’t want their five children to concern themselves about their safety and well-being. The fact that their house was only six miles away didn’t hurt either.

Deb wasn’t exactly thrilled, however, when they first began to consider downsizing.

“I didn’t want to move,” she said. “We lived right across the street from our daughter, and I loved my house.”

But, after being at Highpointe for only a few months, she claims her husband is a lot more fun. The lifestyle change has made all the difference for them, and they say they are even closer with each other because they are relaxed.

A main draw for Alex, who retired six years ago after 36 years at Shadyside Academy, was the worry-free lifestyle at Highpointe.

“Getting the lawnmower out and doing the routine maintenance on the swimming pool was really becoming a chore,” he said. “And I don’t have to sit at my desk half the day every month paying bills (since one monthly fee basically covers it all).”

Both Alex and Deb enjoy the idea that they can go about their activities and can simply pick up the phone to call the staff if they need something for their apartment.

“They are welcoming and solve the problem with a smile,” the couple agreed.

The Howsons also agree that there’s plenty to do with their new lifestyle. Even though they are a two-car family, they enjoy the trips off campus and use the transportation that is offered because they don’t have to think about where to park. One of their favorite activities is the happy hour held every Friday afternoon, and they also enjoy going to dinner in Highpointe’s dining room without having to worry about dressing up.

“We are happier because we don’t have all the responsibilities we had before,” Deb said. “It’s wonderful, and I am so glad we came here.”

Deb’s mom lived at Concordia at Rebecca Residence, the skilled nursing and personal care community located on the same campus, for seven years, so they knew the quality of care she experienced. The peace of mind that comes with having outstanding care so close, should the need ever arise, is another benefit.

“It’s true, they put their faith in caring,” Deb said.

If you are thinking of joining the Howsons at Highpointe but would like to learn more, we invite you for a complimentary lunch and tour of the community. Time is running out on our advantageous discounts, and visiting and talking with residents like the Howsons is one of the best ways to get answers to all your questions. To schedule your visit, please call Admissions Counselor and Resident Care Coordinator Julie Spirnock at 724-444-1521.

At any given time, Concordia serves more than 650 seniors in western PA and eastern OH in retirement living alone. Retirement living (or independent living, as it’s sometimes called) offers a worry-free lifestyle for seniors, with every convenience of home. Amenities like routine maintenance, scheduled transportation, daily events/activities and much more are included.

For more information on Concordia’s worry-free retirement communities in Pittsburgh, Cabot, Allison Park or Copley, Ohio, visit You can also use our online contact form or call 1-833-469-5532 for general retirement living questions.

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