Summer Activity Ideas for Seniors (2018)

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Summer is often a season that many look forward to during the colder months. The freezing, wintery days can feel long and dreary to many, as we long for the warm breeze of summertime. Now that it’s finally here, how can you make the most of it with your senior loved one? While not all summer activities are suitable for seniors, most can be adapted to their needs and there are numerous options that can be a perfect fit to enjoy the summer months with your loved one.

If you’re looking for ideas to enjoy the season with your senior loved one, take a look at the below activities to help get you on the right track for summer fun:

1. Enjoy the Fresh Air – Taking some time outdoors to soak up the warm weather and fresh air can be uplifting, and luckily when it comes to the outdoors, your options are endless! You can enjoy a picnic with your loved one, take a stroll through a park or zoo, go to a baseball game or sporting event, or even take some time to garden together. Choose an activity that you both can enjoy – ensuring you and your loved one stay safe and hydrated in the warm weather. Just remember to account for limitations your loved one might have, such as mobility or dietary restrictions.

2. Attend Events at a Local Senior Community – Whether your loved one is part of a senior community or not, many local senior communities such as Concordia Lutheran Ministries offer free events that are open to the public. If you’re nearby one of our locations, check out our events page to see what’s near you! We have concerts at our locations throughout the summer that are free and open to the public, Memorial Butterfly Releases and even a Summer Festival – all offering endless opportunities for you and your loved one.

3. Give Back – One way to make memories while keeping busy this summer is by volunteering. Are you or your loved one passionate about a cause? If so, this can be the perfect time to volunteer. You can reach out to your local church, animal shelters or local non-profits. Give back to the community and share those special moments with your loved one.

4. Treat Yourself – You don’t need a special occasion to treat yourself. Instead of waiting for a planned celebration such as a birthday, make a plan to treat you and your loved one just because. Is there an ice cream parlor nearby with the best ice cream around? Do you and your loved one enjoy coffee from a quaint coffee shop? Or do you enjoy splurging on a movie and popcorn? Whatever floats your boat, seize the day and make it happen! If the weather permits, you can take those activities outdoors.

5. Cool Off Indoors – If your loved one isn’t able to travel easily and/or cannot handle the hot weather, there are many things you can do together indoors or at home this summer. You can scrapbook and organize those photographs that have accumulated over the years, you can cook a special family recipe together – and enjoy devouring it when finished – or you can enjoy music while reminiscing about the past or while playing a hand of cards. If the weather is comfortable enough for your loved one, you can even enjoy a glass of cold lemonade on the porch together.

What summer activities are you most interested in trying with your loved one? We hope one of our ideas is a good fit for you and your loved one, and helps bring you closer together! Share your thoughts and experiences with us below!

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