Stephen W. Johnson Mission Award

Established by an employee-led committee in 2021, the Stephen W. Johnson Mission Award recognizes employees who exemplify the values of Concordia’s mission through their everyday life. These individuals embody characteristics of compassion, patience, kindness and respect while selflessly serving others with a Christ-like heart. The award is Concordia’s highest employee honor, given in memory of the late Mr. Johnson who was a steward of compassion and spent countless hours supporting and preserving Concordia’s mission.

Stephen JohnsonWho was Stephen W. Johnson?

Stephen W. Johnson was a man of great faith, wisdom and character. He was also a servant leader who spent 19 years on the Concordia Lutheran Ministries Board of Directors, including 12 as chairman. On June 11, 2020, while still serving in his role as Chairman of the Board, Steve passed into glory. And while we mourn his home-going, we are comforted that his soul is now with Jesus.

Steve believed in mission first and he was dedicated to ensuring that our organization was fulfilling our calling to serve God’s people. His actions and words were always Christ-centered and mission-driven. To Steve, Concordia’s growth meant that we were fulfilling our mission successfully, and exposing more people to the love of God through the hands of our caregivers. In fact, one of his most memorable quotes was that “For-profit companies grow to deliver results to investors. But great nonprofits grow to expand and develop their mission.”

Award Nomination Criteria

The Stephen W. Johnson Mission Award will set the standard for what it means to truly go above and beyond the call to serve those who entrust us with their care and our fellow community members in need. Concordia is blessed with an incredible staff who perform extraordinary acts of kindness throughout the year, both seen and unseen, and this is our organization’s way of saying “thank you” to those who selflessly serve the ideals of our mission each and every day.

When nominating an individual for this award, please consider their dedication to Concordia’s mission and be prepared to provide examples of how they devote their time helping others inside and outside of Concordia’s walls. The following nomination excerpts from 2022 and 2023 Stephen W. Johnson Mission Award recipients, Shennell Crissman and Dian Callen, are examples to help guide your nomination: 

“On top of providing excellent medical care, Shennell has cut residents’ hair, picked up and served a resident couple their 70th anniversary dinner from their favorite restaurant, checked on her residents when they moved to a higher level of care or the hospital, stayed with residents when they were close to passing and attended the funerals of those she has cared for over the years, at last count having given her condolences in person to close to 90 families.”

“Dian truly cares deeply for every one of the residents and their family members and the staff members throughout the facility. Her dedication to showing genuine love, care and compassion for others is amazing and remarkable. She serves with great joy and kindness as we are able to speak to her about things going on in our lives as she will listen to us with a loving and caring heart. She is always willing to lend a helping hand to those who need it in their lives.”

Stephen W. Johnson Mission Award Nomination

If nominating more than one individual, please complete separate forms for each nominee. Feel free to e-mail us at with any questions.
Thank you so much for taking the time to nominate one of our employees for the Stephen W. Johnson Mission Award. Your recognition and expression of gratitude for their mission-driven acts of kindness will leave a lasting impression on their heart and will serve as inspiration for their fellow team members.

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