Six Reasons You May Be Ready for Retirement Living

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Many older adults start considering retirement living when their current housing no longer fits the lifestyle they want or need. For example, a stockpile of belongings is weighing you down mentally and physically, house responsibilities have become a burden, you may feel isolated as friends or family move away, or safety and security in the old neighborhood may no longer be adequate.

A lot goes into finally deciding to move to a retirement living community. It is not a snap decision, nor should it be. But the vast majority of older adults who DO make the move to retirement living find they have an enriched life. Most residents even wish they had made the move much sooner.

Being proactive allows you to stay in control of the decision making without limiting your options about when and where you want to move. More importantly, by being proactive, you’ll protect yourself from a crisis move and save your family the responsibility of making decisions about your living situation and belongings.

But how do you know if you are proactively ACTUALLY ready to make the decision to move to an independent living community? The answer is different for everybody; however, you might be ready to move when you find yourself saying any of the following six statements:

1) I’m ready to declare independence from having to ask my family and friends to take me places. Transportation for shopping, banking, medical appointments and special trips to musicals, restaurants or interesting local sites are all typically available in the retirement living community.

2) I’m ready to stop spending multiple hours every day worrying about maintenance, cleaning and paying all the bills related to my house. I’m ready to let someone else take care of all that. This extra time will allow me to be more engaged in life by taking trips, pursuing educational opportunities, spending time with interesting people and more.

3) I’m ready to be a part of a community and make new friends, since many of mine have moved away or are no longer able to visit me. I want to have regular social interactions, which is much more possible for me in a retirement living community.

4) I’m ready to stop having to eat alone or cooking for myself every day. Nutritious and delicious meals that I can enjoy with others are available seven days a week.

5) I’m ready to give up wondering what in the house will drain me financially next or who I am going to get to fix what goes wrong next. I’m ready to embrace a new worry-free lifestyle.

6) I’m ready to leave a neighborhood that I no longer feel safe in. I’m looking forward to a retirement community that has secure buildings, emergency response systems and on-call nursing assistance at all times.

Even if you are not ready to move into a retirement living facility quite yet, it is never too early to begin the research and evaluation process. This process includes visiting several communities, attending educational seminars, speaking with residents, comparing different organizations’ amenities, services and pricing, asking lots of questions, and meeting with trusted financial advisors. You may also want to include your family in the process and let them know your wishes and thoughts.

Concordia offers free, personalized tours (and open houses) of our senior living communities. To schedule one or learn more about a specific location, check out our Locations Map and visit the website of the facility/building you are interested in. For general information, call our administrative headquarters at 724-352-1571 or message us through the Contact form here.

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