National Nutrition Month 2022: Healthy Eating Throughout Concordia

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March is National Nutrition Month, and to celebrate, we asked residents and staff at our Concordia of Monroeville and Concordia Village of Tampa (CVT) locations what their go-to healthy and nutritious foods are! From fish to fruits and veggies, everyone has a favorite! Healthy eating and nutrition are something that’s important for everyone. No matter our age, we can all do things that will improve our nutritional intake.

Let us introduce you to some of our staff and residents who are sharing their go-to nutritious food/meals for a healthy diet and lifestyle. There is sure to be something for everyone!

First up, let’s talk to some of our staff members over at CVT to see what their go-to foods are!

Britta Mockler, an Administrative Assistant for CVT, says that her favorite nutritional food is liver and onions. Liver and onions, while it may not be everyone’s first choice, certainly has its perks. This meal is known to have lots of nutrients that help your heart and kidneys function properly.

Jessica Agee, CVT Activities Manager, says that her favorite healthy food is grilled broccoli! Broccoli is known for its many health benefits, some of which include: reducing inflammation, improving blood sugar, promoting heart health, etc. Click here to read more from HealthLine

Georgia Lindo-Lobban, CVT Independent Living Resident Relations Liaison, says that all different types of fruits and vegetables are her favorite! Fruits and vegetables are an important addition to any meal. Here are some extra-nutritious ones: leafy greens, avocados, blueberries, bananas, etc.  

Christina Driscoll, CVT Independent Living Marketing and Sales Director, says her go-to nutritional food is grilled salmon. Some of salmon’s benefits include it being a great source of protein, potassium and much more. Click here to read more.

Blog Collage Web Low ResNow that we’ve heard from some of our staff, let’s take a look at what some of our residents enjoy!

Kitty Skarikta, a resident at Concordia of Monroeville, enjoys any vegetable (except potatoes) for her go-to nutritional food. “I eliminate any carbs that are not necessary.”

Jane Mousseau, Concordia of Monroeville resident, says that her favorite healthy food is either chicken or fish. She says that they both go great on salads with vegetables, and she feels that “sauces are not needed on chicken or fish.”

Joan Winters, a CVT resident, says her favorite nutritious food is something she always has in her fridge… red grapes! Fun fact: red grapes have antioxidants that are great for helping the cardiovascular system.

Now that we’re all hungry, what’s your favorite healthy and nutritious food? Visit us on Facebook to share what your answer is!

With the many Concordia locations and in-home services available, we have a number of experts who are able to help those in our care maintain a balanced, nutritious diet – it’s one of the many perks of being part of the Concordia Family!  

For more information about all of the services Concordia has to offer, visit or call 724-352-1571.

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