National Nursing Home Week 2017 - A Letter From the President

May 19, 2017

If you haven’t heard, we’re wrapping up National Nursing Home Week (May 14-20). And as you can probably imagine, this is a pretty big deal at Concordia. So big, in fact, that we decided long ago to pair it with our Employee Appreciation Week.

PS – If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you are already WELL aware of this, since we've been posting pictures all week. If you don’t follow us yet, why not?! Go check it out!

Employee Appreciation Week at Concordia includes a themed dress down day each day of the week, a snack or meal each day - sandwiches, bagels, sundae bar, picnic and nacho bar - and a special gift for each employee. This year’s gift was a nice insulated tumbler! It also gives our President & CEO Keith Frndak the opportunity to let our staff know just how great they are.

Here is the note from Mr. Frndak that was published in our employee newsletter yesterday. Take a look, and then enjoy the MANY photos we have below from the week! And if you’re feeling extra bold, visit the Careers section of our website to see about joining the Concordia family. Happy National Nursing Home Week!


KEF 4 17Dear friends,

One of my favorite parts of Employee Appreciation Week is pausing for a moment to think about how blessed this organization is to have employees who truly care about those we serve and our mission. At the end of the day, nobody at Concordia works for their supervisor, or administrator, or CEO, or a Board of Directors ~ we ALL work for our patients and residents.

The basic premise of caring for people hasn’t changed dramatically in the 30+ years that I’ve been here, but the details sure have. Between technologies, innovation, new/better processes, organizational growth and a VERY different patient/resident population, caring for people at Concordia looks different each and every year. Unfortunately, the regulatory and legal environment that we operate in has become increasingly complicated as well.

But thankfully at Concordia, we are able to march on and take everything in stride. And why is that? Because… we have the best. We have the best nurses and aides, housekeepers, food service workers, therapists, maintenance techs, administrative staff and everyone in between.

So with that said, please know how grateful I am for those who faithfully care for our patients and residents. I am so proud to be a part of this organization, and even more proud of the work you all do for the 30,000+ people we serve every year in our facilities and in home care. Let us never take our eyes off of our vision statement:

Serving the Triune God by providing for the needs of His people.

Thank you for all you do during Employee Appreciation Week and every other day of the year. May God continue to bless our efforts.

In His Service,

Keith Frndak
President & CEO

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