National Nursing Home Week 2015 – A Letter From the President

KEF 10-14

Happy National Nursing Home Week — and for those Concordia employees reading, Happy Employee Appreciation Week! Each year at Concordia, we take this week as an opportunity to show our staff how much they are appreciated with a special treat each day of the week. Bagels, cookies, sandwiches, veggie trays, a cookout; we even give a cool gift each year (this year, it’s a hoodie or fleece)! We value our staff every day, but hey, who doesn’t want a good reason to have a cookout?

For the occasion, Concordia President & CEO Keith Frndak wrote a letter to our staff, and we wanted to share it with you all today. Thank you all for your continued support of what we do – care for those in need. Enjoy, and leave a comment here or on our Facebook page if you’d like!

How do you say thank you enough to show your gratitude for a staff that makes our entire mission happen? Why has Concordia been so blessed by God over these past 5, 10, 20, 30, even over our entire 134-year history? Answer: We have been blessed with great people, great caregivers ~ people with servant hearts, dependable people, kind and gentle people, and hard-working people.

It all started in 1881 with the farm girls who were first hired to serve children/orphans; then in later years (1919), they also began to serve older adults. That was how our reputation for exceptional caregiving started. Today, it is carried on by good “salt of the earth” people across the region, who still have that caring heart and servant attitude that continues to be Concordia’s most treasured asset.

To our direct caregivers: Thank you for the quiet acts of kindness extended behind a closed door. Thank you for coming into work even when you don’t feel up to it, because you know that your residents need you. Thank you to the housekeepers who make our facilities famous for being so clean. Thank you to the many food service employees who try to make every meal an act of service. To the laundry and maintenance staffs, you are often our unsung heroes of service. To the business office staff, thank you for your talents for organization that is necessary to keep our ministries running.

This is employee appreciation week but I promise you that your efforts are appreciated and respected every day. May God bless you all for choosing a career of service to others.


Keith E. Frndak
President & CEO


Looking for a career in senior/health care? Check out the Careers section of our website for openings throughout the Concordia system.

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