My Concordia Career: Robin Binkley & Paige Hipple’s Stories

Robin and Paige

The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Robin Binkley and Paige Hipple!

Robin is currently our Personal Care Corporate Educator and began her Concordia career in September of 1991. Paige, Robin’s daughter, began her career as a Nurse Aide in April of 2012 and is currently a Licensed Practical Nurse for Concordia at Cabot.

Technically, Robin came to the Concordia Family in 1988. She was hired as a Certified Nursing Assistant and worked for us for a year before taking time off to pursue nursing school. Robin has held many roles at Concordia prior to her current position, including Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse, Personal Care Administrator, Corporate Director of Nursing for Personal Care, and Director of Nursing for both Concordia at Rebecca Residence and Concordia of Monroeville.

Robin describes Concordia as “compassionate.”

“Everything we do here is to take care of the needs of God’s people – our patients, residents, families, and our employees as well,” Robin said. “We see someone who is suffering in one way or another (mentally and/or physically) for their needs in a very compassionate way.”

When we asked Paige to describe Concordia, she had the following to say:

“I think of family when I think of Concordia. Everyone makes you feel like family, and there’s a great comfort level when engaging in conversation with anyone on our team.”

Robin and Paige gave us a multitude of reasons for why they choose to work for Concordia. For Robin, our mission, values and feeling of self-fulfillment tops her list. Paige enjoys the integrity of Concordia, flexible scheduling that accommodates a work-life balance and the opportunity to work with amazing co-workers and residents.

Both gave us their favorite memories of Concordia, and Paige’s was quite interesting! She actually went into labor while at work – talk about literally adding to the Concordia Family!

Robin had many memories and highlighted a few for us:

“I have so many but one of them was when we started the Concordia House Band. Dr. Fioravanti (former Medical Director) and I used to sing while we were doing our rounds and it was fun for us to sing room to room. The residents loved it and so did we! Because of this, we decided to start the House Band with a couple other staff members.”

Robin continued, “The other memory I have is when Haven I caught fire in 2006 (thankfully, no one was injured in the fire and Haven I was rebuilt in 2008.) Why this memory sticks with me as a positive is because I experienced firsthand how well our team can pull together in the face of tragedy. We planned where we would house those displaced and thought we had everything put in place until we heard the wisdom of our wonderful leader Mr. Frndak.”

“Mr. Frndak asked that we change one thing – when we were relocating all of the residents, we had to put them in rooms beside the same neighbors they had when they were in their apartments. This was to give them some sense of security so they could provide comfort to each other. We didn’t understand at first and thought it made more work for us, but as we saw the outcome, we knew the residents were indeed comforted by the fact that they knew who was across the hall or in the next room from them. That is the wisdom of a great leader!”

Robin and Paige spend a lot of time together outside of work enjoying quality family time. You can often find them both outdoors, fishing, boating or jet-skiing! One of Paige’s favorite pastimes is playing with her two-year-old son!

Paige said that she is motivated to succeed each day through the inspiration of our residents. Her mother, Robin, had the following to say about staying motivated to succeed and what that means to her and her children:

“I want to succeed to show my children that every goal is reachable and worth reaching for. Even if you fail a time or two along the way – being successful only makes you want to keep reaching higher.”

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