My Concordia Career: Max Baptiste’s Story

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The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Max Baptiste!

Max began his Concordia career in February of 1982 and has dedicated the past 39 years to serving our mission through his work with our maintenance team on the Cabot campus. Max attributes his successful career to God’s timing in his life.

“Before I started working at Concordia, I worked at Pullman Standard in Butler making railroad cars. After they closed in 1981, I was scared and unsure what to do with a young family at home. My neighbor, who was Concordia’s administrative secretary at the time, asked me if I could come out and strip and wax the floors. This was the turning point for the rest of my life.”

Max’s career continued to develop over the years as the Concordia at Cabot campus grew. After the construction of Haven I in 1990, the first of three independent living apartments built on the campus, he added professional painter to his list of talents and helped to ready the interiors of our retirement living community as Haven II and Haven III would soon follow in 1995 and 2002.

His favorite Concordia memories so far have included getting to know our residents and his relationship with Larry Talmadge, who had a storied 18-year Concordia career and last served as the Vice President of Retirement Living before his unfortunate passing in 2014.

“Larry, who was my boss, knew how to make you happy,” Max said. “He showed me how to make work cool, no matter what you do. Under his leadership, I was able to stay in maintenance with the Havens. There I got to love all of our residents and after time went by, they got to love me too – I try to never be too busy to say hello to them.”

Max said his favorite aspects of his career include the opportunity to serve others for the Lord, and the confidence Concordia has given him to just be himself while fostering his talents.

“Concordia has provided me with a good work environment, and a chance to be myself and to be trusted enough to enjoy what I do,” he said. “The best of part of the job is going to bed every night and thanking God that today I helped someone – if only by a kind word and smile.”

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