My Concordia Career: Lori Emert’s Story

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The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Lori Emert!

Lori began her Concordia career in December of 1999 as a Medical Secretary for Concordia at Cabot. In 2007, Lori was appointed Human Resource Manager for Concordia at Rebecca Residence and earlier this month was named the Director of Quality Management for Concordia of the South Hills!

Lori has experienced many academic achievements throughout her career that have fostered her professional growth with Concordia. In the past seven years, she has earned her Personal Care Administrator license, a M.S. degree in Organizational Leadership, and her Nursing Home Administrator license!
Lori describes Concordia as a “blessing” and told us why she chooses to work for our organization.

“Concordia is a blessing to many people for many reasons. For our residents and patients, we provide godly services by building a relationship with them to provide the best care for their individual needs. We have this amazing faith and family dynamic that allows us not to grow weary and reminds us that we are making a difference in lives of our residents, patients, and staff.”

Lori continued, “I enjoy working for Concordia because we provide quality care to those in need of our services. I also appreciate that we are a faith-based organization. I have experienced a lot of growth in my career and I’m thankful for the professional development opportunities. Overall, it is a true blessing to work for an organization that offers full support and continual encouragement.”

Her favorite Concordia memories have stemmed from her experiences at our annual Summer Festival and Oktoberfest.

“During our annual Summer Festival, several members of our team will gather on stage to sing a hymn for our residents and guests. One of my favorite memories of all-time was singing “Here I am Lord” with our Concordia Choir! I have also enjoyed volunteering at our Oktoberfest over the years.”

When she’s not busy working or continuing her education, you’re likely to find Lori spending time with her family. She enjoys fishing, biking, yard work, and tackling home improvement projects.

Lori cites her eagerness to make a difference as her main motivator to succeed.  

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