My Concordia Career: Liz Ihlenfeld’s Story

Liz Ihlenfeld 3

The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Liz Ihlenfeld!

Liz joined the Concordia family in 2018 and recently celebrated her one-year work anniversary with us! She is a Med Tech with our Personal Care team for Concordia at Cabot.

The first word that comes to mind when Liz thinks of Concordia is “intense;” however, it is best described as a fascinating intensity, Liz explained.

“Each day is uniquely its own – you never know what is going to happen when you walk on the floor. And that’s a good thing. My job is never boring and I look forward to the intensity each day brings.”

Liz chooses to work for Concordia because we’re a local organization with a great reputation and friendly staff! She also enjoys all of the family-oriented events held throughout the year including our annual Festivals.

In her free time, you will find Liz enjoying time with her boyfriend and children. She has three kids and her oldest works for us at Concordia of Cranberry as a Nurse Aide! She cites her family as her main motivators to succeed, “They always make me feel like I can do anything.”

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