My Concordia Career: Lauren Dado’s Story

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The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Lauren Dado!

Lauren began her Concordia career in September of 2016 as a Marketing Liaison for Concordia Visiting Nurses (CVN). She covered CVN’s Butler and Armstrong County service area prior to being appointed the agency’s Business Development Manager in September of 2018.

Lauren describes Concordia as a “family” and told us why she chooses to work for our organization.

“I think of family when I think of Concordia – as a whole and within my own team. We support each other daily in various ways. We’re there for one another in tough times and we celebrate together in the good times!”

Lauren continued, “I choose to work for Concordia for several reasons. I appreciate Concordia’s team-minded mentality as it strengthens the relationships among the team. I believe in a faith-based setting and the positives this environment creates in the workplace. I have the ability to promote a service I believe in and that is very rewarding. I enjoy helping our patients find the right care to meet their specific needs.”

She has many favorite Concordia memories and they all involve her team!

“The Marketing/Liaison team absolutely loves participating in Concordia’s “Adopt-A-Resident” program at Christmastime! Anything that I do with my team is great – from holiday get-togethers to celebrating each other’s achievements and everything in between, every memory is better when it is made by the entire team.”

In her free time, you’re most likely to find Lauren at a softball field with her daughter Makenna! When the girls aren’t coaching and playing ball, they are most likely hanging out with other family members and attending church. Lauren’s favorite hobbies include anything that involves Makenna along with reading, yoga, softball and music.

Lauren said that Makenna is her main motivation to succeed.

“I strive to set a strong example for my daughter so that she will dream big. My competitive spirit allows me to continually grow both personally and professionally and also influences my motivation.”

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