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The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals!

In celebration of Concordia Visiting Nurses’ 20th Anniversary this year, we spoke to Concordia Community Support Services (CCSS) Director of Business Operations Elizabeth Coe about this milestone and also her 20-year career with Concordia!

Q: What position did you apply for with Concordia and how has your career grown with Concordia?  

A: I never actually applied for a position with Concordia Visiting Nurses. I applied and interviewed for an Accounts Receivable Coordinator position with Concordia Lutheran Ministries. I interviewed with Paul Brand, former Chief Financial Officer and current Executive Vice President for Concordia. My application was passed on to Martin Trettel, President/CEO of Concordia Visiting Nurses, as Concordia had started the process of implementing their skilled services line. I was then interviewed by Martin, as I had some skilled home health billing experience. I didn’t have an “official title” until a few months later when I believe my title became Administrative Assistant. As we grew, my role expanded with the agency. I became the Officer Manager, then the Business Manager, and am now the Director of Business Operations for Concordia Community Support Services.

Q: What has been your most distinctive memory over your 20-year career with Concordia?

A: When Haven I on the Concordia at Cabot campus caught fire (thankfully, no one was injured in the 2006 fire and Haven I was rebuilt in 2008), I was amazed not only by the number of employees who came in that Sunday after hearing the building had caught fire, but also by the number of people in our local community who showed up that same day to help move furniture and beds and offer other assistance to those residents who were displaced. I was extremely proud to be a part of not only the Concordia Lutheran Ministries community, but our local community as well.  

Q: What advice do you have for our team to ensure success over our next 20 years?

A: Focus on the things that you can control and let go of those things that you cannot control. The rules and regulations that are required of our lines of business is ever changing and sometimes we do not always entirely understand the whys and what fors. We can’t control that. We have to find a way to be an expert on the rules and regulations and understand how we can effectively work within the confines of what is required of us.  

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