My Concordia Career: Courtney Williams’ Story

Courtney Williams Photo for blog

The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Courtney Williams!

Courtney began her career with our team at Concordia at Ridgewood Place in April of 2012. She began in the dual role of Nurse Aide/Cook, later became a full-time Cook, and is now our Dietary Manager at Ridgewood Place!

Courtney describes Concordia as “persistent.” She enjoys working for us because of the job stability Concordia provides, the opportunity to helps others and our extensive benefits package.

Her favorite memory to date is when she attended her first resident Christmas party at Ridgewood Place.

“It made me so happy to see the residents so happy. I loved seeing their smiles and how much they enjoyed their Christmas party.”

Courtney spends most of her time away from Concordia outdoors. She enjoys walking, hiking and sightseeing. Courtney is probably the first ever “My Concordia Feature” employee to cite “cleaning” as a favorite hobby!

Courtney said she is motivated to succeed by her residents and her team.

“At work, I’m motivated by the residents. If you are doing your job well, everyone stays happy and the circle of life continues. I also enjoy helping others reach their potential. It makes me feel good to be a positive and encouraging leader. My former boss always pushed me to do my best and to help others do the same. My motto is, ‘We’re a team. We succeed together, and we fall together.’”

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