My Concordia Career: Amee Fry’s Story

The Concordia Team is comprised of many talented and compassionate employees who have graciously served our mission in a variety of ways – and we are excited for you to meet these fantastic individuals. Let us introduce you to Amee Fry!

Amee joined the Concordia family in December of 2012 as a Certified Nursing Assistant for Concordia at Cabot after being referred by her father-in-law and sister-in-law who also work for our organization. She is currently enrolled in pre-nursing courses and is interested in applying for Concordia’s BC3 Nursing Program that will provide her the opportunity to earn a debt-free nursing degree!

Amee told us that becoming a nursing assistant and entering the healthcare field was something she never thought twice about. In fact, it may have been her destiny!

“My mom was a nursing assistant for over 13 years, and she was always there to help someone. She named me after someone she took care of way before I was born. Helping those that need a helping hand, being that one to listen when they just want someone to talk to, being that shoulder to cry on when they are feeling emotional, being someone that can make them laugh when they need that “laughter” medicine – it feels so natural to be within this field. I know my mom would be proud of me.”

Amee describes Concordia as caring and told us many reasons why she chooses to work for us.

“The staff are friendly, the facilities are clean, and the pay and benefits are excellent. Concordia’s education assistance plans have afforded me the opportunity to go back to school. Also, seeing the residents every day I’m there is great.”

She continued, “I best serve my residents by getting to know what each of their needs and wants are, and I make it a point to try to make each one of them smile. Smiling is great for everyone. Enjoying what I love to do and being there for my residents, even if it is for something simple, is meaningful. I love talking with the patients, seeing them smile and enjoying time spent with their loved ones. Seeing them happy is heartwarming.”

In her time outside of Concordia, Amee enjoys quality family time, gardening and creative endeavors.

“I love to spend time with my husband and daughter and our extended family. We play cards and board games and go for rides on the trails with our ATVs. I am still new at gardening but started my second year of a vegetable garden. I love to paint when I have free time.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     
When we asked her to tell us what motivates her to succeed, Amee told us the following.

“My entire family but most of all my husband Josh and our daughter, Lyllian, friends and without a doubt my residents.”

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