Mother's Day Memories from Concordia Residents

May 9, 2014

To all the moms out there, from all of us at Concordia: Happy Mother’s Day! At last check, it had over 18 million views, but if you haven’t seen this video with people interviewing for the world’s toughest job, you need to take five minutes, check it out, and then come back to read the rest of this post.

Did you check it out?

Do you need a tissue?

How cool was that? :)

In an article we posted on the Concordia Blog recently, we talked about some of the traits that make a good nurse – caring, compassionate, flexible, dependable, intelligent, patient, knowledgeable, able to take charge, selfless… Not coincidentally, those traits seem to fit the description for a good mom as well.

So today (and hopefully every day), we celebrate “Mother,” and all the beautiful things we associate with her. With so many moms at Concordia, we thought it would be fun to hear from a few residents about their favorite Mother’s Day memories.
What about you, all you wonderful moms reading this? Leave us your favorite Mother’s Day memory in the comments section below, if you like.

Helen P., Concordia at Ridgewood Place: One of my favorite Mother’s Day memories was when my daughter (Ridgewood Activities Director Cheryl Sopcak) had her first child on Mother’s Day, giving me another grandchild. Gifts don’t get any better than that!

Sandy A., Concordia of the South Hills Retirement Living:  One thing that’s special to me is reminiscing by re-reading a special Mother’s Day card I received over 20 years ago!

Mary M., Concordia of the South Hills Retirement Living:  I have five children, so really, every Mother’s Day is very special and memorable to me.

Olga R., Concordia of the South Hills Retirement Living:  For me, the best part of Mother’s Day is simply the family spending time together.

Margaret B., Concordia of Fox Chapel: Last year was my favorite Mother’s Day. We had a party here and my family came... it was so special.  

Jane O., Concordia of Fox Chapel: When my children were young, they would get a cake and make handkerchiefs for everyone.

Margret G., Concordia of Fox Chapel: Every year, my daughters take me shopping, and one year they bought me a pretty red coat. I loved the coat and the tradition of going shopping with them.

Jean R., Concordia of Cranberry: My kids, husband and I would all get up and go to church as a family. Then after church we would all go to my in-laws and mother’s house. My kids used to always make me gifts; each year it was something different. As a kid, I would always make my mom little books and tape pennies and gum to them for her.

Grace L., Concordia of Cranberry: I would give my mother a gift of some sort, and then I would cook dinner for the whole family. Everyone would come to my mother’s house each year for a Mother’s Day party. My daughter always get me flowers as a gift and then we all either go out for a picnic or some kind of dinner to celebrate the day.

Betty J., Concordia at Rebecca Residence Personal Care: My daughter always buys me wonderful gifts for me to trim my home. It never mattered what we would do for mother’s day. The only thing that mattered is that we were together.

Sheryl C., Concordia of Franklin Park: My four boys were small on this particular Mother’s Day. We all got ready and went to church, but no one wished me a happy Mother’s Day until the minister mentioned it… they had all forgotten! My husband, feeling very bad about this, took the boys out shopping after church. They came home with a beautiful cherry tree, which we all planted together. The tree still blooms today, 40 years later. It always brings back memories of that Mother’s Day and makes me smile and think about my boy’s faces when they realized that they had forgotten.

Arlene H., Concordia at the Orchard: My daughter Jean Marie was born in March, so that was Mother’s Day to me. She was my first child and one of my favorite Mother’s Day memories.

Ethel M., Concordia at the Orchard: For Mother’s Day, my family would come home and my mother would cook dinner for us and the grandchildren.  This was one of our family traditions.

Helen S., Concordia of Wexford: My husband was working, and not home, and my son felt very bad. I remember my son waking me up with two pieces of bread and a slice of tomato. He also had a cup of water for her. He was quite young and was not allowed to cook, but managed to get up early Mother’s Day and fix me a special breakfast. I was so happy with the delicious, from-the-heart breakfast.

Elsie M., Concordia of Wexford: Every year I would get a special homemade present from my kids. They buy me presents now, but it’s not the same as the homemade-with-love gifts they would give when they were young.

It looks like the common thread here is spending time with mom… Wink wink, nudge nudge. :)

Don’t forget to leave us your favorite Mother’s Day memory in the comments section below – Happy Mother’s Day!


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