Keeping Your Mobility as You Age

When it comes to mobility as you age, the cliché “if you don’t use it you are likely to lose it” is often true. In fact, one of the reasons that mobility tends to decrease in retirement is not only due to the aging process—but to the fact that many seniors become far more sedentary once they retire. Turn to the tips below to stay mobile as you age. Even if all of the tips do not work for your current level of physical fitness, consult your physician to determine a solution that is best for you.

Take a Walk

With all of the hype around working out in a gym or fitness studio, it is easy to forget that plain old walking can do your body good. Even a 10-minute leisurely walk is an effective method of improving circulation, and keeping your body fit. While most people certainly require more than 10 minutes of fitness per day, find more opportunities to walk. Below are a few easy ways to sneak in more walking during the day:

  • Park one or two blocks from your destination and walk the remainder of the way.
  • Take your dog for a walk instead of just letting them out in the yard.
  • Head to a local park or lake for a leisurely stroll or low-intensity trail walk.
  • Walk around the block a few times a day—both to get your body moving, and to get out of the house.

Combine Physical Activity and Fun

Another way to stay on top of your mobility is to search for physical activities that are fun and keep you moving. This could include a hobby such as dancing that you do more for enjoyment —but that also provides you with a workout. Also consider taking up new sports and new activities where physical fitness is required. This includes activities such as golf, water sports, crafts, gardening, and home DIY projects.

Learn Range Of Motion Exercises

If you are recovering from an illness, injury, or even if your mobility has already begun to decline, an excellent way to improve and maintain your mobility is with range of motion exercises. Don’t let their names fool you: range of motion exercises can really get you working up a sweat. The great thing about range of motion exercises is that they can be completed while sitting down—or even while lying flat on your back. They can also be completed by seniors who have full mobility that they are looking to maintain.


Stiffness and soreness often accompany aging. This could be related to an injury, but could also be the result of a decrease in mobility. Even if you are a senior who is fairly active, if you sit for long periods of time during the day, you may begin to experience an increased amount of soreness. You can alleviate much of your stiffness and soreness with gentle stretching exercises. Stretching goes beyond range of motion exercises, because the movements are slower, more fluid, and are held for longer periods of time. Consider stretch classes designed for seniors, or even yoga, which is easily modified for all levels of mobility. Stretching can also occur seated, standing, and while lying on the ground.

The tips above are an excellent way to maintain range of motion and mobility as you age. To help encourage both increased mobility and improved quality of life, senior communities and healthcare facilities can facilitate all of the activities above. They also encourage increased socialization, as well as active and healthy seniors.

With no shortage of activities and social events occurring every day, senior care communities by Concordia Lutheran Ministries help seniors stay active no matter their age. Whether you’re looking for affordable senior living facilities or senior healthcare services, the caring staff at Concordia can improve your quality of life like no other. Plus, with one of the broadest networks of senior living communities in Pa, you can be certain to find one close to your family and loved ones. Take a tour of a Concordia location near you today, and let us show you how we can help keep you moving.

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