Keeping Your Mind Active as You Age

The stereotype of the old person losing their memory and mental faculties is an old and tired one, but with as many as 5.1 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s disease, a vast majority of which are over the age of 65, it’s a stereotype that has some truth to it. Other forms of dementia are relatively common among older senior citizens as well. While that can be a scary thought, it doesn’t happen to everybody who gets older.

It’s unclear what causes Alzheimer’s disease and dementia most of the time, but keeping your mind sharp as you age is very important regardless. There are countless ways to keep your mind active in old age. Here are just a few to keep in mind.

Never Stop Learning

Some people seem to believe that their education ends once they complete high school or college. Since this traditionally happens in a person’s late teens or early 20s, this would mean that people spend the majority of their lives working instead of actively trying to learn something. But that doesn’t have to be the case. You should never stop trying to learn new things, and there will always be opportunities to do exactly that. Community and technical colleges across the country have adult learning programs for people of all ages; some of them may even be offered through senior housing communities. If you find the prospect of going back to school daunting, there are still chances to learn new skills. There are programs that cater to almost any hobby you can imagine, and there is enough information online and at libraries if you so choose.

Organize Your Life

Forgetting where you put your keys or your wallet is always frustrating, and having it frequently happen is one of the first signs of memory loss. Part of the reason why something like this is so frustrating for some people is because of all the mental energy it can take to remember where something is. You can minimize this by organizing your life as much as possible. Always try to put your keys, wallet, cell phone or anything you tend to lose in the same place all the time. If you don’t have to worry about locating these things, you can better concentrate on performing other tasks.

Engage in Hobbies

Finally, engaging in hobbies can be a great way to keep your mind sharp. Practically any activity you enjoy will help, but the ones that are the most likely to keep you engaged are those that involve interacting with others. Once again, a good senior housing community will be able to provide you with plenty of opportunities to interact with others who share your interests.

Many seniors suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and other memory-impairing ailments. Don’t let yourself or your loved one become overwhelmed with memory loss – discover how memory care services from Concordia can lend a helping hand. Our caring, professionally-trained staff has experience handling all types of memory loss ailments and issues, making Concordia facilities the ideal location for any senior who struggles with a memory impairment. Memory loss is a hard reality for many seniors; don’t let it keep you or your loved one from living a comfortable life and contact Concordia today.

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