Incorporating Technology into Senior Living Communities

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When most people imagine cutting-edge technology and how it impacts their lives, a senior living community probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. The older members of our population didn’t grow up with television, let alone smartphones and the Internet. Even those born just a generation ago didn’t have regular access to computers like many of today’s children. And yet, many senior housing communities are embracing technology as a means to keep their residents active, healthy and happy.

High-Tech Monitoring Systems

Monitoring systems in senior housing communities and nursing homes have been around for longer than most people know. Systems not unlike those in hospitals that monitor a patient’s vital signs have existed in these facilities for years. These systems were mostly for those who had serious health problems and required constant monitoring; they didn’t do a lot for seniors who were in relatively good health but still required occasional care.

Some modern senior housing communities and senior care organizations are embracing technology, but some are going above and beyond. Teleheath technology, for example, is leading the industry by helping patients stay independent and in their own homes. This is a system installed in your very own home that prompts the individual to regularly check weight, blood pressure, pulse and oxygenation levels. The data is then transmitted to a health care professional for review. This is technology being used to its fullest advantage because there is no comparison to being able to heal in the comfort of your home.

Brain Fitness

Computers and tablets have become a major element of senior care in Pittsburgh, especially when it comes to preventing memory loss and improving brain fitness. iPads in particular have been utilized more and more by dementia care facilities for their brain fitness apps. Even those who don’t have memory problems might find that they can benefit from this technology.

Computer programs that improve brain fitness have been around for years, but traditional keyboard-and-mouse PCs and laptops aren’t as easy for everyone to use. Tablets make use of touch-screen technology, which means all anybody has to do is touch an icon with their finger to start up any app. This makes it easy to use for those who have problems with dementia or those who might be physically disabled.

Staying Connected

Like the rest of the world, senior living communities can benefit from being connected to the Internet. Most communities already have up-to-date computers with Internet access, which allows their residents to stay in touch with their families and connect to the rest of the world. This has become all but essential to modern life. It clearly makes sense that senior housing communities across the country are embracing this technology and teaching their residents how to make the most of it. Some senior care communities actually offer classes on using the Internet, tablets and even social media.

Staying connected to the rest of the world also gives seniors more options and opportunities to educate themselves about their own health and well-being. It only takes a quick Google search to see that there are countless websites that can educate people on a number of healthcare issues.

What technology ultimately does for senior citizens is give them the opportunity to stay connected with the rest of the world and live a better quality of life. As technology becomes more advanced and user-friendly, this situation will only improve, especially if senior care services continue to embrace it.

Seniors must continue to take steps to increase brain function and an extremely effective way to do that is to join a community that focuses on brain development. Considering a move to one of the senior living communities offered by Concordia Lutheran Ministries puts you in a community that never stops learning. Our staff works countless hours to make sure you stay sharp and educated while at Concordia. Call us toll free at 1-800-720-2557 or message us for more information, and schedule a tour of one of our three beautiful inpatient hospice facilities today.

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