Happy National Nurses Week! So... What Makes a Good Nurse?

May 8, 2014

Did you know it’s National Nurses Week? At Concordia, we like to think we celebrate our nurses all year, but it’s still great to see that there is a national week dedicated to the caring people behind one of the most important parts of the healthcare system.

Nurses wk 14Fun fact: National Nurses Week ends on May 12 – the birthday of perhaps the most famous nurse in history, Florence Nightingale! Equally as cool, nurses can get some freebies this week. Here’s an article from the International Business Times with six businesses offering promotions to nurses this week.

We decided to ask some of our administrators, facility directors and directors of nursing what it takes to be a good nurse. You’ll see some overlap, but we bet you didn’t know how much went into this vital profession. Check them out and feel free to leave a comment below!

Concordia at Sumner CEO Charlene Kish: When I hire a nurse, I look for someone who cares enough to get involved –who will care for patients and residents like they are one of her/his own family members.

Concordia at Ridgewood Place PC Administrator Carol Strejcek: One thing that is important, especially in smaller facilities, is the ability to “take charge.”  We need someone with a strong personality to supervise staff of varying ages and backgrounds as well as the residents.  

Concordia of the South Hills Administrator Kay Frndak-Suder: I believe that a nurse should have a mindset focused on customer service, be a team leader and be able to coordinate and engage the interdisciplinary team to view our patients and residents in a holistic manner.

Concordia at Cabot Director of Nursing Wendy Moore: A good nurse has to be caring, compassionate, flexible and dependable. He or she also needs to be able to work independently as well as with the rest of the team.  

Good Samaritan Hospice Executive Director Anzie Kelley: The best nurses, to me, are compassionate, dependable, flexible, exhibit good critical-thinking skills, are team-oriented and have a passion for what they do.

Concordia of Fox Chapel Administrator Bonnie Stapchuck: Nurses are well rounded: intelligent, compassionate and patient.

Concordia at the Orchard Administrator Rachel Hortert: I think compassion and patience are the most important traits that nurses need.

Concordia of Franklin Park and Concordia of Wexford Administrator Jill Treglia: We look for nurses who are knowledgeable, caring, compassionate and show leadership abilities, as he or she may be the supervisor on duty.

Concordia at Rebecca Residence PC Administrator Laura Thompson: A good nurse puts residents’ needs first and can handle pressure in a calm manner. He or she knows their residents and families and establishes a relationship with them. Communication is most important.

Concordia of Cranberry Administrator Lisa Brooks: The best nurses are reliable, calm under pressure, logical, have strong relationship skills, are good communicators, have good computer skills and have the ability to supervise staff.

Concordia at Cabot PC Administrator Anne Denny: It takes a very special person to be a good nurse. They need to have good bedside manner, patience, a caring attitude and a willingness to go above and beyond for residents and families - always remembering that they come first. They need to show good customer service skills and, of course, meet Concordia’s high standards. They should be pleasant and friendly, and always greets people with a smile and a “hello.” They should know their patients and residents by name and know their preferences.

Concordia Visiting Nurses Clinical Operations Manager Kim Kepple and Clinical & Informatics Director Stacy Mathers: What makes a good nurse? It sounds like a very easy question, but there are so many things that are essential traits for a good nurse. Of course, clinical competence is essential. A nurse that has strong clinical experience and skill set is vital for the home health nurse to the autonomy required within our nursing service line. Another important trait is dedication. We look for an individual that is dedicated to their profession and will aid the organization with fulfilling the mission and vision. You need a clinician that is dedicated to making decisions always as an advocate for the patient. A drive for continued growth and development within their profession is essential. With nursing, the field is ever-evolving, which challenges the nurse to ensure they are staying up to date on care delivery methodology, treatment modalities, and changes within the industry. A caring heart is key. Our nurses are challenged to be selfless, to serve daily by putting the needs of someone else above their own. A nurse needs to be caring for the patient and the family, and focus on providing for the holistic needs of each patient we serve. Strong communication skills are required for a nurse, as we function in a multi-disciplinary care team and are often the spoke of the wheel relative to communication. We must ensure that we are updating the physician, patient and/or family members related to condition or treatment changes. Nurses are required to have strong verbal communication as well as strong documentation skills. I look at each clinician employed by Concordia and I see so many wonderful traits, skills and abilities. It reminds me, as a TEAM, what a wonderful group of clinicians we have and what truly wonderful caring hearts we have serving the organization’s mission and vision statements.

As you can see, it takes a lot to be a great nurse – and we are so grateful to have so many in our ranks at Concordia! So make sure you thank the nurses in your life this week… they deserve it.

Did we miss anything? Do you have something else to add? Leave us a comment in the form below!


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