Father’s Day Ideas for Dads Living in a Senior Care Community

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Father’s Day is an important day where we honor the father figures in our lives and recognize them for everything that they have done for us. However, it can be difficult to plan the ideal day for your father, especially if he is living in a nursing home or personal care/assisted living community.

Buying dad a gift is thoughtful and often a memorable part of Father’s Day, but for many people, the most significant gift you can give on June 17 this year, is your presence. For many seniors who live in nursing homes or personal care/assisted living communities, they may not see their families as much as they would like. Visiting your father figure and spending time with him can mean more than any object ever could. Quality family time spent together can be treasured for a lifetime.

As Father’s Day quickly approaches, here are four activities that you can do with your father who lives in a senior care community:

1. Have a relaxed meal at your father’s community. If he has a favorite meal at a restaurant but is not capable of going, order it to go and bring the meal to him. Or see if there are options at the community to cook the meal there. Perhaps your dad prides himself on his grilling skills. Ask administration at the community if they have a grill you can use, and you both could prepare and enjoy.

2. Play your favorite board games or cards. Sit down with your father at his personal care community and play some of the games you both enjoyed during your childhood. Playing together again could bring a rush of friendly competition that you and your father shared earlier in life.

3. Share memories from the past. Bring old photo books or meaningful artifacts that you can both reflect on and recall the happiness of those times. Bringing that old scrap-book of pictures from your childhood, or his, can create a good laugh and spark conversation about those memories you may not think to talk about normally.

4. Participate in the Father’s Day events going on at the community. Concordia, like many other senior care organizations, hosts special Father’s Day activities, which often include games, food, maybe even some sports and beer! Spending the day at your father’s community and doing the activities provided will give you the opportunity to see how your father spends his day-to-day time. By doing this, it will also allow you to interact with your dad’s friends, neighbors and staff of the retirement community.  

Not sure what to say to dad when you see him at his community? Click here for an article featuring some conversation ideas! This Father’s Day lets honor and thank the father figures in our life by spending quality time with them.

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