Father’s Day Gifts 2019: Ideas for Your Aging Dad

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t found a gift for your older dad yet, now is the time to start considering what might make his day. Below are five great options for the senior in your life to fit most budgets or interests.

1) Time with you

Time well spent with the ones we love is often the most valuable and memorable gift someone could give. Spend some time with dad this Father’s Day playing or watching his favorite sport, watching his favorite movie or working on a project together. A day dedicated to his favorite outing, hobby or interest is sure to be memorable.

2) Assistive Devices

If dad struggles with mobility or other tasks related to daily living, assistive devices may be helpful. Products from bathroom aides to adaptive kitchen tools are available to ensure he is staying healthy, active and safe. Many assistive devices are designed for multi-purpose uses and can therefore be budget-friendly. Examples of common devices that would make a great gift for dad include:

• Adaptive Kitchen Equipment – adaptive utensils, cooking products and kitchen safety products

• Bath Aides – non-slip bath mats, chairs and shower seats, transfer benches, grab bars and risers  

• Alerting Devices – alarms for doorbells, adaptive clocks, telephones, fire and carbon monoxide detectors  

• Adaptive Clothing – elastic shoe laces, button loopers, zipper pulls and tag-less clothing

• Daily Living Aids – grab aids, vision and hearing aids, medication dispensers, screen readers, adaptive sports equipment, memory aids and amplified communication equipment

For many seniors, these devices are necessary as everyday tasks become more challenging. Many assistive devices don’t have to break the bank. Countless items, including the ones listed above, are budget-friendly. Concordia Medical Equipment offers all these products and MUCH more at their online store. Click here to take a look.

3) Smart Technology

Assistive devices aren’t limited to products that are medically-focused. Dad could benefit from smart-home technology to help monitor certain areas that require extra attention. For seniors who require an additional level of security due to conditions such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, smart technology can help with setting reminders, turning off appliances and creating automatic timers for lights. There are a variety of devices that monitor appliances in both the interior and exterior of the home to ensure everything is operating correctly. Some examples include:

• Smart censors for water heating systems and pipes

• Lighting and temperature control systems

• Appliance monitoring devices

• Security systems

• Voice-enabled home control systems

• Smart cleaning devices

Additionally, assistant devices that set reminders, check the weather and traffic patterns, control home electronic systems, manage grocery lists and provide information as well as entertainment can also be a great option. Devices like the Amazon Alexa have free entertainment add-ons that allow dad to play his favorite games, listen to his favorite audiobooks and get a recap of his favorite shows.

The best part about these devices is that dad doesn’t need to be tech-friendly to use them. Many devices only require a one-time setup process, are voice activated or work with the touch of a button. Additionally, devices can be synced to any smartphone that can then be managed by a relative or friend. This means that dad can get the benefits of having a smart device without having to worry about the setup.  

4) Subscription Box

For a gift that dad can use all year, a subscription box may be a great solution. Not only are most boxes budget-friendly, they can be great for seniors who have trouble with mobility. Subscriptions are a great way to ensure dad is receiving the products he needs each month. Boxes are shipped directly to the recipient’s door and are filled with a variety of products from cooking supplies for fresh meals to the latest home tools. If dad happens to be a sports fan, subscription boxes that have items from his favorite team may be the way to go. There are even subscription boxes designed specifically for seniors that have custom products and packaging. Sending dad a monthly box filled with his favorite foods, pictures of his family and other items is sure to make a great gift. What many people don’t realize is that the price of a yearly subscription can be cheaper than purchasing a costly item up front. Many subscription boxes also have rebates and promotions for first-time subscribers.

5) Cook his favorite meal

One of the best ways to dad’s heart is through his stomach. Cooking his favorite meal or taking him out to his favorite restaurant may be his favorite gift this Father’s Day. If you decide to cook at home, this may be another activity that the entire family can enjoy together. If you happened to get dad a food subscription box, this may be the perfect time to break open those recipes and try something new. There are a variety of healthy and unique recipe options that require little preparation but are ideal for the entire family.

If you have a suggestion for a great Father’s Day gift, share it with us in the comments below or post it to our Facebook page.

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