Exceptional Stories of Care: Monroeville Resident Inspires Those Around Him

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Life can change in an instant, often when we least expect it. That was undoubtedly the experience for one of Concordia of Monroeville’s current residents. Jason Ross, 44, worked as a youth counselor at a group home for troubled youth. He spent most of his days helping the kids process and adjust to their environment, while encouraging them to maintain steady progress toward rehabilitation and reintegration into society.

Life as he knew it would change drastically, however. On May 19, 2018, he was admitted to the hospital with stomach pain, and was rushed into emergency gallbladder surgery.

Unfortunately, he experienced complications during surgery. Soon his family would learn that Jason was in septic shock and put on life-support. The complications continued to add up. While on life-support, Jason was put on a medication to draw blood to the organs in his core, leaving his extremities with little blood supply.  

After being in a coma for eight days, Jason would wake to find his limbs turning black and doctors discussing what they were going to do to stop the necrosis from spreading. Soon, it was decided he would require amputation on each of his legs. After several stages of surgeries and repeat amputations, Jason would be left with one below-the-knee amputation and one above-the-knee amputation. The doctors also noticed necrosis had begun in the five fingers of his left hand.  

Jason was discharged from the hospital and admitted to Concordia of Monroeville on August 17, after spending three months in the hospital. Weak and debilitated, he began the process of working with physical and occupational therapy to strengthen his muscles and prepare for prosthetic limbs.

His progress was cut short, however, when nursing staff noticed a worsening in his necrotic tissue and sent him back to the hospital. After another five days spent in the hospital, Jason returned to Concordia of Monroeville, this time after having all five fingers of his left hand amputated.

While some people in his circumstance might find justification in wanting to give up, Jason has showed nothing but persistence and perseverance since returning to Concordia. After having to wait to receive his prostheses, and gradually gain back the strength he had lost, Jason defied all odds.

On October 22, surrounded by his family and Concordia staff cheering him on, he took his first steps since going to the hospital in May. Jason walked 18 feet with an Eva-walker on his first try, and has been steadily progressing ever since.

“Amanda and Patti [from Concordia of Monroeville Rehab] have made too many sacrifices to count in order for me to make the progress that I have made, and for that my family and I are forever grateful,” Jason said.

Jason has been an inspiration to many staff and residents throughout his stay. Through every challenge thrown his way, he has remained positive and is never without a smile. Jason remains committed to his goal: walking out of the facility one day and returning home with his wife and three children.

Concordia of Monroeville is honored to have served Jason and his family over the last several months as he works toward his goals and overcomes the challenges he has encountered. We hope his story can serve as an inspiration to others who are facing trials in their life about the power of perseverance and determination.

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