Employee Appreciation Week 2022: A Letter From the President

Every year, Concordia has a blast celebrating Employee Appreciation Week, and this year was no exception! Each day saw a different themed dress down day, snacks, lunches and more. It’s so important to us that the team knows how much they are valued all year long – but we really like to take it up a notch this week.

Each year, Concordia President and CEO Keith Frndak pens a letter to the staff that gets published in our employee newsletter, and again this year, we wanted to share it with all of you, because it sums up well why our team is the greatest.

Enjoy the letter, then head over to the Concordia Careers Facebook page to check out some of the photos from this week’s festivities. If this looks like the kind of team and mission you want to be a part of, visit www.ConcordiaCareers.org, view our open positions and apply today!

Dear friends,

It’s been over 25 months of living and working through a pandemic, and I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say it has changed nearly every facet of our lives at Concordia. Each of us can probably list a handful of lessons we’ve learned in our work and personal lives over the past two years.

One thing that I’ve always known – but has never been so remarkably evident – is that great people truly matter at Concordia. Great people care for patients and residents better than anyone else. Great people get the job done. Great people power this ministry of ours. Great people like you.

Let me repeat that, in case you missed it:

Great people like you.

It seems like every organization in every industry is clamoring for more workers these days. We all hear the term “warm bodies” a lot lately, when it comes to employers trying to find staff. Let me tell you right now, that is not ever, EVER the expectation at Concordia. For the sake of our 141-year-old mission and each person in our care, we strive for greatness. And if you are here, that’s exactly what we consider you.

Like everyone else, we are working hard to hire and onboard more people every day, but I want each of you to know how appreciative we are to have you – a great person – on the Concordia Team.

Whether you work in direct caregiving/nursing, therapy, housekeeping, maintenance, food service, accounting, administration, or in any of our other vitally important departments, we are BLESSED to have you. THANK YOU for the work you do every day.

In His Service,

Keith E. Frndak
President & CEO

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