Inpatient Hospice Care at Donnell House

Donnell House is a stand-alone inpatient hospice facility – the only one in Washington County – that aggressively treats symptoms. Located at 10 Leet Street in Washington, the Donnell House is a 20,000 square foot residence designed in the style of an English country home.

Nestled in a tranquil neighborhood setting, the Donnell House contains eight patient rooms that open onto private patios. A community room, great room, sun room, quiet rooms, chapel, and children’s play area provide a comforting environment for patients and families.

  • Patients are cared for with same Team approach that is used in home care.
  • Two levels of care are provided at the Donnell House: Inpatient and Respite.
  • INPATIENT: Medicare has specific guidelines for inpatient status. A symptom is out of control and needs a physician to adjust treatments in attempt to get patient comfortable. Once the patient is at a point that the physician is no longer adjusting treatments, according to Medicare, the level of care must be changed. The Medical Director (or his designee) rounds on patients daily and writes orders for treatments.
  • RESPITE: A homecare patient’s caregivers are in need of relief from care giving. A patient can come to the Donnell House for up to 5 days when this occurs. This is usually a planned level of care change. Co-pay is required by some insurance.
  • Donnell House is not a long term facility.
  • Donnell House is a non-smoking facility.
  • Patients are cared for with same Team approach that is used in our in-home care.
Visiting the Donnell House
  • Visiting hours are 24 hours a day / seven days a week
  • Children are welcome to visit regardless of age
  • Family pets are permitted for short visits
Patient Rooms
  • There are eight large private patient rooms complete with private bathrooms and showers
  • Each room has comfortable furnishings including a day bed for overnight guests. Rooms are equipped with flat screen televisions and DVD players
  • Each patient room has a private patio with a table and comfortable chairs
  • The patio opens onto a larger fenced in garden with walking paths and benches
  • A large living room with a working fireplace is available for visitors and patients
  • The sunroom has tables and chairs for relaxing
  • Small “quiet” rooms provide private areas for family and visitors to talk
  • The Donnell House is located in a quiet residential neighborhood just a couple of blocks from Washington Health System. The building is secured at all times and access is permitted only by being buzzed in through the main door
Food Preparation
  • The patient can eat food prepared at the hospital and delivered to The Donnell House or family can prepare favorite meals and bring them in. floor. Families can request trays from Washington Health System Washington for a nominal fee
  • There are two dining areas for family gatherings

For more information or to schedule a visit to the Donnell House, please call Concordia Hospice of Washington at 724-250-4500 and ask to speak to an admission coordinator. The Donnell House is located at 10 Leet Street, Washington, PA 15301.

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