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After the seemingly never-ending winter months, spring is a season that many welcome with open arms. The air is refreshing, the temperature is warmer and the sun stays out longer. This is a special time of year that many look forward to, and you may wonder how you can enjoy this season with your senior loved one – especially if they are in a nursing home or assisted living community.

If you’re looking for ideas to enjoy spring with your senior loved one, the below crafts can be great ways to celebrate the new season and create lasting memories together:

1) Plant Flowers – If your senior loved one once enjoyed gardening at their home, bring gardening supplies with you when you visit them in their nursing home or assisted living community so you can enjoy planting flowers together. You can plant a small pot or two of spring flowers such as tulips, peonies or daffodils that they can keep in their room. If you need to tackle this activity inside, you can work on a covered table, or, if the weather is warm enough, take your supplies outdoors.

2) Color for Spring – Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Adult coloring books are a great way for seniors to pass the time, relax, and relieve stress while making something beautiful. If your senior loved one has problems with their vision, there are large-print adult coloring books available for them. Don’t forget to pick a coloring book and utensils that have a spring theme to them such as blooming flowers and pastel colors.

3) Make a Scrapbook – Spend time with your senior loved one this spring by making a scrapbook together. This not only is a great way to spend time together, but it also encourages you both to reminisce about special memories. You may even learn something new about your senior loved one! This can be a small project that you start and finish in one visit, or something bigger that you work on with your loved one over the course of a few weeks or months. If the weather is warm enough, take your scrapbooking activity outdoors to get some fresh air.

4) Decorate Cookies – Another fun spring craft that you can enjoy with your senior loved one is decorating cookies. With the Easter holiday approaching, you can bring bunny or egg-shaped cookies when visiting your loved one and invite them to help you decorate the cookies. If they have mobility constraints, perhaps they would enjoy adding the sprinkles on top of the icing. Plus, not only is this a fun activity to enjoy together, but you can also eat your delicious creations when finished!

These are just a few of the many spring crafts that you can enjoy with your senior loved one, regardless of their mobility constraints or living arrangement. Which crafts are you looking forward to trying? Share your comments and feedback with us below.

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