Concordia’s Third Annual Season of Hope Starts Today!

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As the weather turns – we become more and more aware that we are entering into the holiday and Christmas season at a rapid pace. It is a reminder of the importance of hope. During this season, as we await and celebrate Jesus’ birth, we are all in search of hope- for healing, for happiness and comfort. Concordia’s residents and patients are hopeful that each day, they will see and feel our best efforts to be the “hands and feet of Jesus” in the care we offer – and we are privileged to provide it year-round.

At Concordia Lutheran Ministries, we are entering into a very special time of year – our Season of HOPE.

Today, we face an increasingly elderly population, at a time of national financial uncertainty. In response, we are continuing to expand our services to reach more of the community in need. And that is where the Season of HOPE campaign comes in. As we begin this Holy season – we ask that you consider giving a gift, to the fund that resonates most in your heart, to help ensure that our mission continues. The greatest gift someone could give is the HOPE for continued support of the important mission of Concordia Lutheran Ministries.

Whether we are the poor in spirit being helped—or the ones serving those in need—both are symbolic of our Savior’s example of love and service. Both experiences help us to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of the real meaning of Christmas and the Season of HOPE.

In this time of gift-giving, we ask you to send your own message of Hope through a meaningful gift of your choosing. For more information or to give today, please visit or call the CLM Foundation office at 724-352-2571, ext. 8363.

On behalf of Concordia Lutheran Ministries, we extend warm wishes that your heart be full this Christmas season.


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