Concordia Residents Offer Relationship Advice for Valentine’s Day

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Concordia! The world is filled with “Love Experts” who are willing, for a small fee, to give you all the relationship advice you can handle. And while we have nothing against those individuals or those who seek their counsel, we thought, who better to give some guidance than those with the most experience: our residents!

The awesome Activities Departments at our various locations asked their residents one simple question: What can you tell younger people about marriage and relationships? We’re just guessing here, but we think even the late Abigail Von Buren would have approved of their suggestions.

And don’t worry, these words of wisdom are on the house.

Bertie and Ray R., Cabot Retirement Living, married 62 years: “The secrets to a long happy marriage are to keep a sense of humor, forgive and forget and never go to bed angry.”

Lorraine and Bill L., Ridgewood Personal Care, married 68 years: “Make sure you marry the right one. Marry your best friend.”

Ethel and Butch L., Cabot Long-Term Nursing Care, married 65 years: “Always respect and trust each other, and let little the hurts go.”

Agnes and Ed T., Cranberry Personal Care, married 54 years: “Always be nice and cherish each other, always be honest, absence makes the heart grow fonder, and do not take each other for granted.”

Earl and Helen H., South Hills Retirement Living, married 63 years: “A good marriage is always a work in progress!”

Ray and Harriet S., Cabot Personal Care, married 32 years: “It’s important to have similar interests. We enjoyed traveling together, especially to the ocean.”

Giselda and Steve B., Fox Chapel Memory Care, married 57 years:  “Make sure your family values are the same, have a great friendship, respect each other, do things together and spend a lot of time together. Never stop looking at each other like it’s the first day you met.”

Carol and Paul W., Ridgewood Personal Care, married 68 years: “Listen to each other and share the work, like raising kids for example.”

Virginia and Ray H., Cabot Retirement Living, married 55 years:  “Pray for God to bring you the right person. Take everything with a grain of salt.”  

Onilee Y., Wexford Personal Care, married 55+ years: “Always appreciate each other, whatever the job is, whether it’s working outside of the house or staying home to raise kids. Respect what each one does for the family, and make sure God is a part of your marriage. A family that prays together stays together.”

Clemente and Carmella S., Rebecca Personal Care, married 61 years: Clem – “Always give her what she wants and always say ‘yes dear.’” Carmella: “Try your best to please your significant other as much as you can.”

Paul and Betty W., Orchard Personal Care, married 66 years: “It isn’t always been peaches and cream; you’ll have your good years and your lean years, but the main thing is to stick together.  The best advice we have is to respect and appreciate one another.”

If you have some good relationship advice, leave it in the comments section below!

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Oh, and here’s a Valentine, from Concordia to you! The photo was taken at the Cabot campus.


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