Concordia Calendar: Meet March’s Team Members

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At Concordia Lutheran Ministries, our employees are at the heart and hands of our mission – they care for our residents and patients with their hard work, kindness and empathy and keep our organization running with their leadership, vision and dedication.

Watching our amazing staff handle the unprecedented challenges of 2020 that continue into this year has been truly inspiring, so we chose to highlight just a few in our 2021 Concordia Calendar as a proclamation of gratitude for their many contributions. Though we wish there could be 3,000 pages in the calendar to feature all of our employees, this small sampling is representative of our extraordinary staff as a whole. Each month, we’ll introduce you to the talented, compassionate team members featured in our calendar.

March employees are Angel Finch, Health Center Coordinator, and Natasha Finch, Certified Nursing Assistant. Angel will be celebrating her 11-year service anniversary in March and Natasha will celebrate four years the same month. An interesting fact about this duo is that they are a mother-daughter team!  

Q: Why do you choose to work for Concordia?

Angel: I heard about the position through word of mouth. I knew that Concordia had a good reputation. I also enjoy the competitive wages and that the facility is local to where I live.

Natasha: My mother had been a long-time employee, and I wanted to gain work experience in the healthcare industry. I was also a teenager who needed money in my pocket!  

Q: What aspects do you love most about your career?

Angel: Having the satisfaction of helping people in their time of need.  

Natasha: I love caring for those in need of help and assistance. I feel like I make a difference.

Q: How do you best serve your patients and residents?

Angel: By doing my job to the best of my ability, and helping patients and their families problem solve and work through issues that arise during their stay here.

Natasha: I treat them as my own family, and make sure that I am efficient and patient.

Q: How do you decompress after a long day at work?

Angel: I love to go home to hot cup of cocoa and a good book!

Natasha: After a long day of being on my feet, I participate in self-care and spend time with my family for as long as possible before I make my rest.

Q: Can you tell us about a time you and/or your co-workers went above and beyond during the pandemic?

Angel: In the earlier months of the pandemic, all of the beauty and hair salons were closed. We offered some of our patients wash and curls to provide them with a sense of normalcy.

Natasha: Living through the pandemic and seeing how it affected our patients motivated me to stay home when not at work and to wear my mask in public.

To learn more about the career opportunities at Concordia of the South Hills, visit and select “South Hills.” To request a free copy of the 2021 Concordia Calendar, call the Public Relations Department at 724-352-1571, ext. 8268.

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