Concordia Calendar: Meet December’s Team Members

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At Concordia Lutheran Ministries, our employees are the heart and hands of our mission – they care for our residents and patients with their hard work, kindness and empathy and keep our organization running with their leadership, vision and dedication.

Watching our amazing staff handle the unprecedented challenges of 2020 that have continued into this year has been truly inspiring, so we chose to highlight just a few in our 2021 Concordia Calendar as a proclamation of gratitude for their many contributions. Though we wish there could be 3,000 pages in the calendar to feature all of our employees, this small sampling is representative of our extraordinary staff as a whole. Each month, we’ll introduce you to the talented, compassionate team members featured in our calendar.

December’s employees are Carlina Allen and Bonita Davis from our Concordia at Sumner team!

Q: What is your current position at Concordia and when did you begin your career with the organization?

Carlina: I began my Concordia career in April of 2020, and am currently a State Tested Nursing Assistant.

Bonita: I am a Laundry Aide, and I have been at Sumner since May of 2006.

Q: Why do you choose to work for Concordia?

Carlina: I am a very kind person and, in this profession, it takes a kind and patient person to show compassion to each individual. I also wanted to do something that would make a difference in the lives of others. I enjoy smiling at my residents and having them smile back – if they are happy, then I am happy! Lastly, I wanted to join an organization that had opportunities for growth and advancement.

Bonita: I love the residents and the appreciation they provide from my services. I also enjoy my work environment and the financial security that comes with my career.

Q: What aspects do you love most about your career?

Carlina: I love the relationships I form with the residents. I have learned that small acts of kindness can make their day. I also really enjoy the family atmosphere that I work in.  

Bonita: Being a service provider, and serving the public. I also love working in an environment that provides a sense of family.  

Q: How do you best serve your residents?

Carlina: I try my best to meet the needs of each resident and take the time to talk to them.  

Bonita: No matter what my life is challenged with, I take pride in keeping a smile on my face and being positive.

Q: How do you decompress after a long day at work?

Carlina: After a long day, I love a nice warm shower and to be able to have at least one hour of quiet time. In my spare time, I love to bake, listen to music, go shopping and spend time with family and friends.  

Bonita: I like to catch up on sleep, when possible, shop and decorate!

Q: Can you tell us about a time you and/or your co-workers went above and beyond during the pandemic?

Carlina: The pandemic has been rough for the residents, families and staff. I remember [when regulations did not permit indoor visitation] pushing residents to the windows to visit with their families. There was not one day that has passed that I haven’t gone above and beyond.

Bonita: No matter how dangerous our occupations are, we all still thrive to give professionalism, respect and compassion to our residents on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis as God allows.

To learn more about the career opportunities at Concordia at Sumner (located in Copley, Ohio) visit and select Sumner.

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