Concordia Calendar Artist Profile: Naomi McGee

December McGee

When we think of famous painters, names like van Gogh, da Vinci, Monet, Rembrandt, Picasso and Warhol come to mind. However, since Concordia’s 2019 Calendar was distributed, the public has been introduced to our own artistic Hall of Fame with the resident artists whose paintings have been featured.

Titled “Brush Strokes,” each month depicts a different painting by several of our residents who live at one of our locations. And each month, we’ll introduce you to the artist, here. December’s resident artist is Naomi McGee of Concordia of the South Hills.

Working in the advertising department at G.C. Murphy Company for eight years, Naomi revealed that the path to her career was somewhat unconventional.  

“People may be surprised to know that I didn’t start out in art,” Naomi said. “I originally wanted to be a fashion designer.”

Attending school for Home Economics, she realized that she preferred a more creative field, since she had an affinity for drawing.

“I always liked to draw, so I tried my luck at it and ended up as an artist,” she said.

During her time working at G.C. Murphy, she sketched artwork for different products and created designs for window displays and merchandise. She retired from the organization after eight years to raise her family.

However, her time painting as a hobby didn’t begin until she moved to Concordia of the South Hills four years ago with her husband, Omer, and their Dachshund, Wilson.

“My husband and I chose Concordia because it was a good fit for what we needed in our later years,” she recalled. “The thing we like best is how friendly the residents are, you get to know everyone. The speakers and music programs are great too.”

Originally from Western Pennsylvania, Naomi moved to Indiana State with her husband after his career with U.S. Steel required them to relocate.

Eventually moving back to Bethel Park, the couple had a son, James, and daughter, Megan.

Currently, Naomi invests time into painting watercolor landscapes. One watercolor painting in particular – an impressionist winter landscape – was chosen as part of the calendar series to depict the month of December.  

“I created the painting during a watercolor class at Concordia,” Naomi said. “One of the art teachers brought in copies of photographs, and I liked the winter landscape the best.”

Also a member of South Arts Pittsburgh, Naomi works with acrylics and enjoys fabric painting.

She notes that her inspiration comes from many different artists, including two of her favorites: John Singer Sargent and Claude Monet.

“I like different types of art,” she said. “I also enjoy art from a lot of the Dutch artists. I don’t have a preference too much because I find there’s inspiration everywhere.”

For more information about the amenities and worry-free lifestyle offered to residents like Naomi at our independent senior living communities in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Tampa, Florida, visit our locations map to find a Concordia location near you. Call our headquarters at 724-352-1571 for more information or message us on our contact forum. To request a free copy of the 2019 Concordia Calendar, “Brush Strokes,” call the Public Relations Department at 724-352-1571, ext. 8266.

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