Your Guide to Choosing the Right Senior Living Community

When investigating senior living in Pittsburgh PA, there are a few features to watch for that can help ensure that you settle in the right place, with the right atmosphere, and the right community of neighbors. Usually settling into a senior community is a situation that is fairly long-term, since seniors tend to change homes less frequently than younger people. With this being the case, it is essential that the first choice is the right one, and that it provides everything needed to make the new community member comfortable and satisfied in his/her new surroundings.

Fortunately, senior living in Pittsburgh has much to offer to someone seeking just the right situation, because the city itself is in some ways the national standard bearer for senior living. A December 2012 Forbes Magazine article points to Pittsburgh as the oldest city in the country, with 23.6% of its citizens aged 60 or above, as compared to the national average of 18.5%. Almost of necessity, some of the best senior accommodations anywhere have sprung up in the region, showcasing the area’s sincere hospitality toward seniors.


The right location is one of the most important factors to consider when seeking senior independent living arrangements. Staying close to your support network of family and friends is a big factor in selecting living quarters, because without them nearby there might be no immediate support other than facility staff members. If a long distance move is made, all new living circumstances may have to be established, such as medical care and anything else specific to the city, county, or state – which means a more local arrangement often involves less hassle.

Service & Amenities

Another big consideration any senior should make before settling on a retirement community is the services andamenities offered at the facility. Depending on your individual lifestyle needs, you may find yourself needing special assistance with life’s most common everyday activities.

Whether you need a little extra help getting out of bed in the morning, scheduling medical appointments or are just looking for a simpler way of living, choosing the right senior living community can ensure that you receive all the care you need and more to help make the most out of your golden years.

Many independent living communities plan trips to nearby attractions, schedule regular activities like card games or tournaments, and even coordinate educational opportunities in partnership with local schools and universities. Fitness centers, game rooms, and computer centers can enhance the daily routine and enjoyment of life significantly if those services are available.

Quality Care

Many communities offer nonprofit senior care to residents, which, when available, can be a wonderful support and benefit to living in a particular environment. For seniors that have some kind of disability, staff care could be very important, and this is not limited to prescribed actions like memory care for seniors, wheelchair assistance, or regular wellness monitoring.

A pleasant demeanor and a cheery greeting go a long way toward beginning each day in a happy mood, and seniors appreciate this as much as anyone else. When meaningful activities and exercise opportunities are available, the surroundings themselves become more appealing and beneficial.

For over 100 years, the non-profit senior care staff at Concordia Lutheran Ministries have established themselves as some of the best in the industry, providing quality care services. There’s a reason why thousands of retirees have chosen Concordia for their senior care needs. Discover what sets Concordia apart from the rest and schedule a tour of a location in your area!

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