Concordia Hospice of Washington Cardinal Project

Concordia Hospice of Washington’s Cardinal Project is a way that we can share our faith with others and provide life, hope, and restoration to our senior friends living in long-term care facilities by gifting them bird feeders.

Many of our friends who are living in local long-term care facilities have not been able to see their families for quite some time due to the pandemic, which unfortunately has taken a toll on their emotional health and well-being. It has long been said that bird watching can positively impact an individual’s physical, mental and emotional health, and the sport is also a great cognitive stimulant.

Please join us in helping our senior friends enjoy the beautiful sights and sweet melodies of bird watching by considering a donation of a bird feeder of $25 and under. 

The Concordia Hospice of Washington team will collect all donations, supply the feeders with seed and deliver to local long-term care facilities. Each donation will include a gift tag noting that the gift is from a special friend – you can choose to include your name or donate anonymously.

Donation Options
Shop on and ship your gift to us:
Concordia Hospice of Washington
10 Leet Street
Washington, PA 15301

Shop at your local store and arrange for a time to drop-off or have a safe pick-up from our team:
Contact Shilynn Renner, Concordia Hospice of Washington Marketing Liaison
By phone: 724-332-9119
By email:

Purchase an Amazon gift card for $25 or under and we’ll order the gift for you:
Contact Shilynn Renner, Concordia Hospice of Washington Marketing Liaison
By phone: 724-332-9119
By email:

Ideas for Bird Feeders and Accessories on Amazon for under $25
Window bird feeders would easily suction to resident windows at the long-term care facilities we will be donating to – there is little set-up and the residents will get a nice “bird’s eye view” of their new feathered friends!

Window Bird Feeders $25 and under:
Birdscapes Clear Window Feeder 348
Nature’s Hangout Outdoor Window Bird Feeder
Wild Birds of Joy Window Bird Feeder

Outside bird feeders that hang from pole or attach to structures and/or trees provides the bird watcher with the opportunity to see many birds at one time. Going with an inexpensive hanging tube feeder with multiple feeding ports is a great way for both the novice and the seasoned bird watcher to experience several species enjoying seed simultaneously.

Outside Bird Feeders $25 and under:
Sherwoodbase Ridge Wild Bird House Feeder
Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder
ERYTLLY Bird Feeding Hanging Classic

Accessories for outside bird feeders included a variety of shepherd hooks, brackets and branch hooks. These make great companion donations for almost any variety of outside bird feeders.

Bird Feeder Poles/Brackets/Branch Hooks $25 and under:
CERBIOR Adjustable Shepherd Hook Bird Feeder Pole
Bird Feeder Bracket (2 Pack)
TQVAI Bird Feeder Branch Hooks (3 Pack)

If you choose to purchase your donation directly through Amazon, considering using Amazon Smile and choosing Concordia Hospice of Washington as your charity. Amazon will donate 0.5% of all eligible purchases to your charity. Learn how to sign up on your web browser or through your smart phone here!

For more information on the Cardinal Project and how you can get involved, call our Marketing Liaison, Shilynn Renner, at 724-332-9119. You can also message us through our Contact form.

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