The Benefits of Adaptive Medical Equipment At Home

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If your loved one is set on remaining in his or her house for as long as possible, and is not quite ready for a retirement community, assisted living facility or nursing home, adaptive equipment can help to make things easier. As your loved one gets older, everyday tasks such as getting dressed, bathing and eating can become challenging. Adaptive equipment can be one of the solutions.

There are many different types of adaptive equipment that can help your aging loved one keep some of their independence, remain mobile and feel confident in everyday tasks. Plus, it can also provide the family caregivers with peace of mind and lighten the workload.

Below are some of the different types of adaptive equipment that can help make your loved one’s home safer and more accessible:

– Bathroom Equipment – toilet seat risers, bath benches, hand-held shower heads, and walk-in showers or tubs

– Bedroom Equipment – adjustable beds, over-bed tables, incontinence pads, and railings

– Adaptive Clothing and Shoes – button loopers and zipper pulls for easier dressing

– Mobility – stair lifts for multi-story homes, ramps for entryways with steps, “reachers” or pincher-like devices to help reach for objects, baskets to help carry food and other items, and wheelchairs

– Medicine Equipment – medicine organizers and alarmed dispensers

– Kitchen Equipment – tools to make opening cans and bottles and cutting vegetables easier and safer

– Appliances – automatic shut-off capabilities

– Vision – touch-tone telephones with large numbers, telephones with hands-free capabilities, talking clocks and wristwatches, Braille labels

– Hearing – text capability for telephones and hearing aids for those who are deaf or hard of hearing

– Alerting Devices – specific alarms for door bells, telephones, and other alarming devices such as a blinking light when someone rings their doorbell

If you feel that adaptive equipment could help your loved one at home, we suggest consulting with a healthcare professional to discuss the right equipment for your love one’s needs. With so many different kinds available, it’s likely that there’s something that can help to lessen the burden of your caregiver responsibilities and help your loved one independently complete his or her daily activities. And don’t forget that Concordia Medical Equipment can meet most of your durable medical equipment needs.

If your loved one has benefited from using adaptive equipment in the past, but they now need more assistance or supervision, we can talk to you about the different types of care options available in your own home or in one of our exceptional senior care locations. Please feel free to contact us any time via our online contact form or by calling our administrative headquarters at 724-352-1571. Or, visit the care levels & services page of our website to learn about the types of care we offer, including In-Home CareMemory CareLong-Term Nursing Care, Adult Day ServicesHospice Care and more.

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