Being Social for Better Senior Health

When you retire, it’s important to make social interaction a part of your routine, since it is beneficial for your physical and emotional health. However, not heading to the office or getting out and about every day can severely limit how often we interact with our communities – leaving many seniors missing out on all the health benefits our social connections can provide. Luckily, there is a solution for seniors to stay social no matter how old they are.

 At one time, senior care communities were thought to be just for older people who couldn’t care for themselves any longer on their own. Today’s senior living in Pittsburgh, Pa, however, is nothing like that of the past. Senior communities now have so much to offer adults who are entering their golden years. So whether you’re looking to maintain connections or share a smile with a stranger, follow along as we explore some of the ways senior living communities can help you build social relationships and stay healthy for years to come.

Senior Care Communities Offer Much More than Healthcare

Senior retirement centers are not only for rest and relaxation. While some R&R is definitely a part of many senior living communities, you’ll also find plenty of opportunities to stay active regardless of your age. Within your community, you’ll likely find classes to spark your creativity, groups to gather with others who have similar interests, wellness programs, volunteer opportunities and many more social experiences to keep you engaged and active in the community.

Motivation to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Keeping up with grandkids and friends is a good motivator in staying healthy. And since you have more control over your social life in a senior living community, it’s one simple thing that you can do to improve your quality of life. When you stay active and engaged with people (especially your new friends at the retirement community), you can reduce the health issues that can come with age. It’s an encouragement to keep yourself healthy.

Access to Better Health Information and Services

When you stay connected to friends and family, you naturally have more information than those who are isolated, simply because you are having more meaningful conversations. Even though you may have a good doctor or routinely use the Internet, it’s the discussion of what’s going on that keeps you engaged with new procedures and medications that can benefit your health. One study found that those who lived in neighborhoods with higher social interaction were at least 10 percent more likely to get the tests and screenings recommended for their age.

Slower Progression of Health Decline

Studies show that those with close social ties reduce their risk of cardiovascular disease and maintain healthier blood pressure readings. There is plenty of research that indicates that keeping your mind active lessens the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease as well. Social interaction also decreases the risk of depression and anxiety – mental health issues that plague isolated senior citizens. Even if you have a disability, social interaction promotes lower levels of disability, which means you may be able to maintain your independence longer.

Start crafting new friendships and building stronger social connections by moving into one of the Concordia Lutheran Ministries senior care locations. At Concordia, our professional and caring staff provides our residents with the highest quality of care around, coordinating many of your health care needs so you can focus on enjoying life and truly living it to the fullest. Discover for yourself all the ways a senior living community can help brighten your life and take a tour of a Concordia campus today!

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