Concordia at Sumner Residents are Active and Engaged

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Ted and Linda Oravecz moved to Concordia at Sumner in the summer of 2016, and it’s felt like resort-style living ever since.

“There is nothing institutional about this community,” they agreed. Besides the beauty of the architecture, the lush grounds and the vast number of amenities, everyone they’ve met, from fellow residents to staff, are “super supportive.”

When they were in their early 70s, they decided to downsize, and began to study the pros and cons of moving to an apartment, a condo or a senior living facility. Though they lived in a one-story house in West Akron that was in excellent shape, they realized that within a couple of years upkeep would be needed.

Expenses for the anticipated maintenance, utilities, resale value of condos, and taxes were among the items they included in an Excel spreadsheet Ted created to compare the costs of the previously mentioned downsizing options over an eight to nine-year period. Concordia at Sumner turned out to be the best choice, financially.

But there was more to the move than cost. Quality of life was high on their needs list. Returning to the area from San Antonio in 2000, the couple retired but stayed active and fit. Having been an educator and consultant, Ted wanted to continue his physical, social, mental and spiritual activities – and Sumner had the right atmosphere. Already, he is involved in several resident committees, including leadership in the resident association. Also, Ted is a longtime Tai Chi and Qi Gong practitioner. After observing Ted in action, his fellow apartment and villa dwellers asked for, and received, a Tai Chi class.

Linda, a retired registered nurse, is working to enhance good health behavior among her friends and neighbors. The indoor pool at Concordia is one of the many benefits of their new home. It has enabled her to continue practicing her water exercise program. An Alzheimer’s Support group was started at her suggestion and she enjoys teaching diabetics healthy lifestyles. In addition, she leads a once-a-month craft group that decorates the health center for every holiday. Also, she introduced the activity of Mystery Dinner to the community. And she never misses attending Chaplain Charlies’ Dialogue and the residents’ Book Club.

“Some of our friends can’t comprehend that we made the move so early,” they noted. “But moving here was the best decision for us,” Ted said. According to the couple, Concordia at Sumner meets all of their needs. It is near to their former neighborhood, where they shop and their doctors and church are located. Another important Concordia advantage for them is that they could bring their dog. The aging-in-place concept was especially appealing to them as well. They have the comfort and security of knowing they can remain at the location for the rest of their days.

“We have what I believe to be an unusual philosophy as it relates to the definition of home,” Ted explained. The longest they ever lived in the same house was 12 years, so there were never any emotional ties to a dwelling. Rather their ties are to a place, Northeast Ohio. This meant that leaving their last home was never an obstacle.

Also, the idea that it takes only 1 – 1 ½ hours to clean the house appealed to Linda. “Michael, Kathy, Julie and Marc (their children) realize we are ‘living the dream’ here,” she said. “So often we hear people say, ‘We’re just not ready yet.’ We felt, the earlier the better, to be able to enjoy all that is offered here at Concordia.”

Retirement living is just one of the many great senior care services offered at Concordia at Sumner, which also includes short-term rehabilitation, long-term nursing care and assisted living. For more information or to schedule a visit, call Director of Marketing Rowena Wilkins at 330-664-1289, visit the Concordia at Sumner website or message us through our online Contact form.

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