A Few Questions to Ask Before Considering a Retirement Living Community

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“Where should I spend my retirement years?” This is a common question for most retirees. When deciding whether or not to move to a retirement living community, your head may be spinning with questions, so it’s important to know the right ones to ask. Below is a list of some questions you should ask yourself when planning your retirement future!

How am I going to keep up with my house?
Whether it’s grass to mow or snow to blow, there are constant cleaning, maintenance and repair projects that can come up around the house. At most retirement communities like Concordia, maintenance and grounds upkeep is our responsibility. Ask yourself, do you feel safe in your home? Are there stairs that may be becoming a problem? Is your area as crime-free as it used to be? House work may still be doable, but is that how you want to spend your time?

What’s the long-term outlook on my health?
As we age, health concerns often become a larger part of our lives. One of the many benefits of a retirement living community (CCRC – Continuing Care Retirement Community) is that long-term care needs can typically be met without relocating. At Concordia’s CCRCs, you can maintain relationships and enjoy continuity of care. If a health incident occurs, residents can receive support services on campus, and then return to their apartment or villa.

Is this bad timing, or am I just putting it off?
Moving to a retirement living community is a HUGE decision, so make it when you feel the time is right. Pressure from family members can sometimes lead seniors to jump into a retirement living community before they feel ready — although, many residents at Concordia say “I wish I had come here sooner!” It can be overwhelming to think about and even more overwhelming to plan, but time passes quickly. Make these decisions while you have your health and save your family the responsibility of having to call the shots.

How long will I be able to drive when and where I want?
Don’t worry: Contrary to popular belief, joining a retirement living community doesn’t require giving up driving privileges. At most retirement communities, many residents own vehicles and drive regularly. You may still feel comfortable driving today, but there may be times when that feeling changes. Concordia, for example, provides transportation for trips to the grocery store, mall, restaurants, etc, and we even have drivers available for rides to the doctor and other medical appointments.

Can I comfortably afford a retirement living community?
Of course, the answer to this depends on your personal finances. Many residents initially thought they couldn’t afford retirement living at Concordia, but were happy to learn it was an option after doing some research. For those on a fixed income, it’s often easier to budget monthly living costs at a retirement living community because there are no surprise repair costs. At Concordia, there are admissions counselors with tools that compare spending around your home to what you would spend monthly at one of our communities. We cannot stress enough, that as faith-based nonprofit organization, we’re here to HELP you, not to sell you.


The majority of Concordia Retirement Living residents still shop, garden, cook and even lead activities through the week. These are simply older individuals who have chosen the safety, security and services of a retirement community over the occasional headaches of maintaining a house.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, feel free to call any of our retirement living communities:

Concordia at Cabot: 724-352-5378
Concordia of the South Hills: 412-278-1300
Concordia at Sumner (Copley, OH): 330-664-1000

Or visit the retirement living section of our website.

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