7 Springtime Activities for Seniors (2016)

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While most of us in Concordia Land spent the first day of spring indoors watching snowflakes fall to the ground, it’s pretty exciting to know that regular sunshine and warm weather are in our very near future – especially for our senior loved ones, who may be more susceptible to bouts of wintertime depression.

There are many reasons to be happy in the spring – new life is emerging, birds are chirping, flowers are blooming – but for individuals with mobility concerns, having the ability to get out and about has to be at the top of the list. So now you have the opportunity, but what are some fun or therapeutic activities you can do with your senior loved one?

We’ve got you covered.

1. Take a nature walk/ride – Try to find a park that has a paved trail and benches along the way. Talk about some of your favorite outdoor memories and some of the ways you spent your springs and summers growing up.

2. Experiment with some new recipes on the grille – Break out of the routine where your grill is only used for hot dogs and hamburgers. Try some different marinades for salmon or chicken breast. Or, better yet, grill some fresh vegetables, like asparagus, zucchini and carrots, or fruits, like apples, peaches and pineapple.

3. Plant a windowsill garden – For many seniors, an in-ground garden can be pretty difficult to plant and maintain, but consider planting a windowsill herb garden with herbs like basil, rosemary, oregano and parsley – all of which grow well out of the ground. You still get the satisfaction of growing a garden, without the painful knees and back. Plus, you get some delicious herbs to incorporate into your new grilling recipes.

4. Tour the city – In most decent-sized cities, you can find a guided tour operator that will take you around and explain the history and ins and outs of the area. Sometimes, like with the Ducky Tours in Pittsburgh, they’ll do so in an “amphibious vehicle” that can even go in the water!

5. Free concert series – Communities and parks large and small are offering free concert series and events in the warmer months. Find a schedule at your nearby park and make it a point to check out the next show. Don’t forget to pack a comfortable folding chair and an umbrella, in case of rain or bright sun.

6. Ice cream stands – Come on, what is more exciting than the neon “Open” sign in the local ice cream stand’s window? Ice cream is a tasty treat that can also help cool you down if you and your loved one have been outside in the heat for a while.

7. Spring cleaning – Yes, spring cleaning is a chore, but set a goal and try to have some fun with it. Use this as an opportunity to de-clutter and get rid of some stuff you no longer need. Give yourself a reward for reaching your goal – like a trip for ice cream if you fill your entire trunk with items to donate to your local charity.

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At Concordia, most of these activities are regular parts of our residents’ lives – whether they are actually held at one of our senior care communities or offered through a trip. For many seniors, one reason for considering a move to a retirement living community or personal care/assisted living residence is to be around others who have similar interests and make a new network of friends. All of Concordia’s locations offer a full schedule of activities for our residents to enjoy, if they choose to do so.

Concordia Lutheran Ministries has offered nonprofit senior care services for over 130 years. For more information on what kind of activities we offer at each of our locations and levels of care, visit our website, call our administrative headquarters at 724-352-1571 or message us through our Contact form 24 hours a day.

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