5 Tips for a Labor Day “Staycation”

Is it really September already? This summer flew by! Summer is always a busy season for Concordia, packed with plenty of events for our residents and their families, and the communty in general. This year we had a fishing derby, concerts, our 12th annual golf outing, a dog show and a boot-stompin’ country-themed Summer Festival, just to name a few. After so much sun, fun and activity, it’s important to take a break and take a day for yourself.

Labor Day is a perfect day to relax before autumn really sets in – and anyone can enjoy it, whether you live at home or in a retirement community. Instead of dealing with stressful Labor Day traffic and trips, why not spend it at home? Here are a few tips to help you take a day to recharge and re-center yourself on a little “staycation” … a vacation spent at home. You can have a staycation during Labor Day weekend, on Labor Day or even on a regular day – just remember to make time for yourself to relax!

Sleep In

Sleeping in can be a simple way to start your staycation, as it’s often something we overlook in our rush to get going with our day. Let yourself wake up naturally and enjoy your morning coffee or a novel in bed before you get ready for the day.

Avoid the Kitchen

If cooking is a chore for you, don’t do it! Unless cooking is relaxing for you, think about taking a day-long break for the kitchen. Either make some meals to put in the refrigerator before your day of relaxation, or just plan on eating out for a day. This will be an easy goal for Concordia’s retirement living residents, who have plenty of opportunities to enjoy chef-inspired meals at our many facilities.


“Unplugging” from all electronic devices might seem like a simple tip, but it can often be the hardest to actually carry out. Drop the phone, remote, tablet, mouse, what have you (but not literally, of course), and take a step back. While you’re at it, make sure you unplug from any and all housework, too! A staycation is your time to relax and do what makes you happy. Take a break from electronic screens and vacuums to spend some time with friends and family.  

Get Physical

Make sure to exercise or get outside on your Labor Day staycation because, as the first Monday in September, it’s usually one of the last weekends of warm summer weather before fall hits. Make the most of the sunshine by going to a park, taking a walk or even just going for a short drive with the windows down.

Challenge Your Mind

Keeping your mind active as you age can help you stay sharp and functioning at your absolute best. To help yourself relax (and have some fun), you can get a new activity for your brain to get it out of the redundancies of life. Buy a new board game, book, puzzle or Sudoku to give yourself a change of mental pace. You can have fun and maybe even learn something new!

Do you have another tip? Leave it in the comments section below! Whatever you choose to do on your Labor Day staycation, make sure you stay safe and have fun. Keeping yourself happy and relaxing every once in a while can help you stay positive and live your life to the fullest.

If Labor Day reminds you of how much you’re dreading raking leaves, shoveling snow and preparing your house for winter, it might be a good idea to look into retirement living options at Concordia. All of our beautiful locations are designed to offer worry-free lifestyles at what we believe to be the best value in the region.

For general information about the many Locations and Care Levels & Services that Concordia offers, call 724-352-1571 or message us through the contact form on our website.

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