5 Secrets to a Happier and Healthier Retirement

For many seniors, there’s a natural letdown when they reach retirement.  They spend their whole life preparing for, and saving for the day when they can retire, and then they find the moment bittersweet.  Many folks find themselves at a loss for what to do; the job they spent so many hours working, in hopes of not having to one day, is often all they know.  Their coworkers may not be friends, but they are often the people they’re most comfortable interacting with.  The free time they’ve spent decades dreaming about is here, but they don’t know how to appreciate it.

 That bittersweet plateau is natural; it happens to most recent retirees.  Thankfully, by taking advantage of some of retirement’s greatest perks, you can quickly combat the retirement letdown, and have a retirement that’s even more spectacular than you dreamed of.  Here are five secrets to a successful retirement. 

Be social 

For most seniors, they go from interacting with coworkers 40 hours a week, or often more, to wide open days devoid of much of a social life.  They’re used to seeing their friends only on weekends, and the weekdays can quickly become lonely.  Forcing yourself to be social is a key to enjoying retirement. Up the amount of days you see your close friends; plan golfing trips or day trips with your best friends; go and spend a few days with your kids or grandchildren.  Being around other people will likely make you happier

Join clubs or volunteer

Even for people who didn’t particularly enjoy their jobs, there’s often an empty spot left after feeling productive eight hours a day when working.  A tip for enjoying retirement is to find fulfilling hobbies, and one of the best ways to do that is to join clubs.  Join a local knitting club, tennis club, cooking club, or book club, and you’ll keep your brain active and happy. You can also consider volunteering. Most local nonprofits are constantly looking for help in a variety of areas. This can also help give you a sense of purpose.


Most people dream of traveling all through their life, but are unable to when they have a career. That makes retirement the ideal time to go traveling.  After working your whole life to have the time and money to do the things you want to, chances are nothing will make your retirement more enjoyable and magical than trips to the places you’ve always dreamed of seeing. 

Set goals 

Big or small, goals are the key to happiness for all ages, but that’s especially true for seniors who suddenly have more time on their hands than ever before. Be it cleaning the house or writing a memoir, having goals keeps us all active, and can help newly-retired seniors embrace their new-found free time. 

Join a retirement community 

Joining a retirement community is the perfect move for many seniors.  First, it encompasses many of the aforementioned secrets to retirement, as it keeps seniors social and active, and provides opportunities for goals and travel partners.  Second, it also gives retirees the opportunity to share a space with people of a similar age and interests.  And third, it puts retirees in a safe and healthy environment where they can be medically cared for; the security of health and safety is a huge factor in a senior’s quality of life.

Follows these five tips, and you can have a truly excellent retirement, which is exactly what you deserve. If you’re searching for the right retirement community to provide you with ample opportunity to live out your retirement years happily and healthily, look no further than the senior living apartments and villas from Concordia Lutheran Ministries. With locations throughout Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, Concordia’s senior living apartments and facilities are the perfect home to live out your retirement in comfort and style while remaining an active member of the community. Discover what our senior living facilities can offer you and arrange a tour of your local Concordia campus today!

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