3 Ways to Brighten the Holidays for the Older Adult in Your Life

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The holiday season is officially here, and ushers in a time to enjoy activities, traditions and celebrations surrounded by the warmth of family and friends. While the holidays bring an abundance of joy to most people, it’s important to reme­­­mber the season can be difficult for many seniors who live alone without a nearby network of support. If you have a senior loved one, friend, neighbor or community member who would benefit from a bit of extra support during the holiday season, there are many ways to brighten this time for them. Below are three ways to bring a bit of extra joy to a senior loved one in your life.

1) Give the Gift of Your Time and Companionship

One of the best gifts to give to someone is the gift of your time. Consider visiting with a senior loved one at their own home or care community. If you’re visiting with a senior loved one at their home, bring a holiday activity to do or meal to share together. Remember to take some time to have a conversation with your loved one as well and listen to how they’re feeling. If you’re visiting a loved one at a nursing home or assisted living community, there are many holiday activities and events to enjoy together. Concordia specifically offers Christmas dinner for residents and their family and friends, holiday crafts, seasonal activities, Christmas parties and much more.

2) Surprise Them with a Personalized Present or Care Package

There are many options when it comes to gifts for seniors. However, a personalized gift or care package is a great way to let someone know you’re th­inking of them, especially around the holidays. It is also ideal if you are not able to spend time with your senior loved one in person. To get into the holiday spirit, send a care package filled with favorite items, holiday treats and a personalized note. If you would prefer to send your loved one a recurring gift throughout the season, subscription boxes are a great alternative. Many subscription boxes also have rebates and promotions for first-time subscribers.

3) Enjoy a Holiday-Themed Activity or Tradition Together

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, and for many, a time of nostalgia. A great way to brighten the season for the senior in your life is by enjoying a favorite holiday-themed activity or tradition together. Some activity ideas include:

  • Decorating a living space for the holidays
  • Baking Christmas cookies
  • Making holiday crafts
  • Attending a holiday play or performance
  • Watching a favorite Christmas movie

If you are not able to spend time with your loved one in person, there are still ways to take part in traditions or activities together. For instance, marking off matching Advent Calendars each day or writing holiday cards and notes throughout the season are great ways to connect with your loved one.

For information about our senior living services at our locations in Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Tampa, Florida, visit the Care Levels and Services page of our website. To learn about holiday events and activities happening at Concordia throughout the season, visit the Events and News section of our website. You can also call our headquarters at any time for more information at 724-352-1571 or message us through our online contact form.  

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