2017 New Year’s Resolutions at Concordia

New year 17

Ah, the first week of January – that wondrous time of the year when we all pledge to better ourselves in some way through a New Year’s resolution. Maybe you’ve resolved to spend more time reading the Bible, eating more vegetables, exercising regularly, etc. It got us thinking about what Concordia’s New Year’s resolutions are, as a faith-based senior care organization. Perhaps not coincidentally, that got us thinking about our Statements of Value.

Concordia’s Statements of Value are seven principles that, in addition to our mission and vision statements, help steer this fast-moving, always-growing ship called “Concordia.” And in the right context, they make for some great New Year’s resolutions!

1. Serve Well – Serve God: At the core of everything we do as an organization is our faith-based mission of caring for people to bring glory to God. At Concordia, we say “We Put Our Faith in Caring,” so we always hope our treatment of others can help bring someone closer to Him.

2. Value Employees: The staff members at Concordia are the people who put the mission into action, and we strive to hire and train the best individuals we can. Along with that, we value our employees’ needs, families and opinions.

3. Always Improve Quality: We’re not big fans of the status quo at Concordia. In every aspect of our organization, at every level, the goal is constant improvement – whether it’s nursing, maintenance, food service, administration or any of the other vitally important departments that make things work.

4. Resident-Driven Care: We understand that each person we serve is a unique individual with his/her own needs, and we aim to serve those specific wishes. With that, we must always seek out our residents’/patients’ opinions to better their experience with Concordia.

5. Full and Fair Communications: We will continue to foster invaluable two-way conversations with all of those who are a part of the Concordia family – residents/patients, families, customers, employees, volunteers, donors, supporting churches and even the extended family members in the general public.

6. Financial Stewardship: Like the parable of the talents in Matthew 25, we aim to be wise stewards of all of our resources, including financial. At Concordia, we manage money with a “scarce dollar” mentality, and are always looking for financial ways to ensure that our mission continues on for generations.

7. The Concordia Way: Concordia is the Latin word for “harmony.” When different parts are in harmony, they are working together and to the best of their ability, getting the most out of their efforts. That sums up what we call The Concordia Way.

From the Concordia Family to yours, Happy New Year! We hope you will keep our ministry in your prayers for 2017, as we continue to carry out our mission of faith-based care. And as usual, feel free to contact any of our senior care Locations or Home & Community Services offices for information on how we can help you or your loved ones with your needs!

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